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Re: Theos-World The "clairvoyant finding" of Krishnamurti?

Mar 29, 2009 07:54 AM
by adelasie

Hi Nigel,

A useful theosophical principle may apply here. Whenever one pole of 
manifestation is activated, its opposite is also activated. When the 
student, for instance, makes a vow to himself to follow his highest 
aspirations, his lower self will be tested to whatever degree he can 
endure. When an organization makes progress toward  manifesting some 
aspect of the Unity of all Life, the forces of separation and 
disintegration become very noisy and boistrous. The occultist can use 
this phonomenon and his awareness of it to assess the impact of the 
Forces of Light on current situations. We might even say that when 
these eruptions of personal attacks and indefensible allegations 
occur, it indicates that real progress is being made. 

Why not then stay within the Light....


On 1 Mar 2009 at 0:35, nhcareyta wrote:

Dear All

Historically, there has been much debate concerning the
putative "claiorvoyant finding" of Jiddu Krishnamurti by
Bishop (then Mr) CW Leadbeater.

Has anybody considered the possibility that the Mahatmas
and/or Karma itself had a role in bringing together the bad
Bishop and Krishnamurti for the purpose of ultimately
confronting the blind, authoritarian, messianic, follower
mindset, promoted by Bishop Leadbeater and Dr Besant,
a mindset so utterly abhorrent to genuine Theosophy?

As we are witnessing in this forum, is it not extraordinary
just how tenaciously resistant the blind, authoritarian mindset
can be in the face of overwhelming evidence and facts?




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