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Re: Understanding Krishnamurti

Jul 14, 2008 10:27 PM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

--- In, "t_s_theosophist" <THEOSOPHIST@...> 

> The World Teacher Project Did NOT fail, people were Not prepared to
> receive the message because of their pre-conceptions, expectations

Failure of the project depends on both sides, and the good project 
should take into account people's state of mind.
For example, we may push on the market a new computer or car which is 
very good from all sides but which doesn't respond the people's 
expectations. It will not be bought and will fail, and it's silly to 
blame customers.

> When "The Brotherhood" and the Heirarchy plan events...they do Not
> fail.

I think history shows that they fail. Even Blavatsky called Jesus a 
not very successful reformer; and christianity in many respects 

Similarly with the Logos. Anni Besant wrote that it has to create from 
the matter already charged with different qualities which are the 
heredity from the former manvantara, so creation in some respects goes 
not as it was planned, and the "patches" in the forms of avataras are 
regularly issued. Jacob Boehme thought that it was Devil who spoiled 
the primeval matter.

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