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Re: Theos-World Re: religion, good or bad? Lucifers role, debate question...

Jul 12, 2008 07:08 AM
by adelasie

It is possible to find many answers to such questions by simply 
reading the literature. Many terms are used today that come from a 
long tradition of ancient usage, but which have been reversed in 
their meaning. Humanity is, after all, in the midst of the dark 
cycle, called Kali Yuga, when selfishness and ignorance prevail. 
Occultism simply means the study of that which is unknown. Lucifer is 
the Light Bearer by definition. That is the meaning of the word. The 
darkness (the occult) is brought to the light of examination and 
comprehension by informed and guided study. 

We have a choice, whether to remain in the darkness of ignorance and 
superstition, or to venture into the light of conscious pursuit of 


On 12 Jul 2008 at 13:52, Anand wrote:

> Hello,
> One dictionary meaning of occultism is witchcraft. Many of the terms
> presently used in Theosophy were chosen by Blavatsky. To my mind it
> appears strange why she used the word occultism, which is often
> associated with negative things like magic etc.
> Similarly commonly known meaning of Lucifer is "a rebellious archangel
> who is usually held to be the same as Satan" It is not clear why
> Blavatsky glorified him by naming her magazine as Lucifer.
> Such misuse of terms has given rise to much confusion among readers.
> It is no wonder Christians were mad at Blavatsky.
> Anand Gholap
> --- In, Antonio/Tony None
> <spirit777child@...> wrote:
> >
> > I was hoping someone could answer this question for me please...
> >
> > Is religion man made? If so is it inspired by god, or soley created
> by man? Satan/Lucifer is at the heart of theosphy according to
> a.bailey, is that a good thing or bad thing?
> >
> > Im trying to overstand this equation. For me religion is man made to
> control man, that there is absoloutly no truth in it what so ever,
> even so some of the words ring true, ultimatly it is a tool for
> control. Bu the i don't understand Lucifers role in this. Is he a good
> guy? The light bearer, illuminating the darkness and if so who has
> given him his bad reputation? could the son of lucifer, antichrist be
> a good thing also? Could it be that the roman catholic church have
> built him up to be a destroyer and untrustworthy to protect there
> empire? And what of the pagan religion and earth, moon and sun
> worship? was that not here before religion? is that not the true 
> religion?
> >
> > thoughts please...
> >
> > Anton.
> >
> >
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