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Re: Theos-World religion, good or bad? Lucifers role, debate question...

Jul 12, 2008 07:02 AM
by adelasie

Hi Anton,

It helps, in considering these vast topics, to get an idea of the 
history of mankind,which is much longer than the story in our history 
books in western culture. Humanity is the material manifestation of 
the hierarchy of the Universal Man. All expression of the Truth of 
Being comes from on source. But time and time again, this Truth 
emanates for the education of humanity, to further the evolution of 
consciousness, and time and time again the beautiful simple Truth, 
the Unity of all Life, the Brotherhood of all living things, the 
inevitability of balance in all existence, the ultimate reality of 
the Laws of Karma, all this is warped and distorted to suit the 
selfishness that abounds in a rather undeveloped humanity. We are 
living products of this ever-repeating cycle. What we call religion 
is in all cases only a partial expression of the eternal Truth that 
is its source. Perfect Truth cannot manifest perfectly in an 
imperfect material universe.

However, the cycle in its endless repetitions never comes back to 
exactly the same point. The spiral revolutions bring humanity ever to 
a new point of progress, however obscure. We have the opportunity in 
this cycle to make some real strides in our conscious evolution. HPB 
spent years writing exhaustively about this subject in "Isis 
Invieled." You might like to dip into that book.

On 12 Jul 2008 at 10:29, Antonio/Tony None wrote:

> I was hoping someone could answer this question for me please...
> Is religion man made? If so is it inspired by god, or soley created 
> by man? Satan/Lucifer is at the heart of theosphy according to 
> a.bailey, is that a good thing or bad thing?
> Im trying to overstand this equation. For me religion is man made to 
> control man, that there is absoloutly no truth in it what so ever, 
> even so some of the words ring true, ultimatly it is a tool for 
> control. Bu the i don't understand Lucifers role in this. Is he a 
> good guy? The light bearer, illuminating the darkness and if so who 
> has given him his bad reputation? could the son of lucifer, 
> antichrist be a good thing also? Could it be that the roman catholic 
> church have built him up to be a destroyer and untrustworthy to 
> protect there empire? And what of the pagan religion and earth, moon 
> and sun worship? was that not here before religion? is that not the 
> true religion?
> thoughts please...
> Anton.
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