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Re: Theos-World Betty Bland's message

Jul 10, 2008 12:17 PM
by mkr777

Hi, Paul:

Which message are you talking about? I have received any so far. May be I
should get it in a couple of days time since it may take longer to reach
Texas from Illinois.


On 7/10/08, kpauljohnson <> wrote:
>   Hey,
> I unsubscribed during the election but just rejoined, and wonder if
> anyone has comments on the just-received communication from Betty
> justifying her earlier electioneering on behalf of John Algeo. Like
> Marie (always a breath of fresh air IMO) I don't consider either
> candidate deserving of my vote, but that's irrelevant since I wasn't
> eligible.
> Backstabbing in the TS goes all the way back to 1875, but this year's
> exhibition of same is particularly disheartening for anyone who cares
> for the wellbeing of the Society. From Anton's report of the election
> results one thing jumped out at me: Iceland had the lowest proportion
> of TS voters, but IIRC has the highest ratio of Theosophists to general
> population in the world. Hence, the TS members who are MOST SUCCESSFUL
> at propagating Theosophy in their own country are MOST DISGUSTED with
> the choice between Algeo and Burnier. I share their sentiments.
> Paul

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