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Betty Bland's message

Jul 10, 2008 10:28 AM
by kpauljohnson


I unsubscribed during the election but just rejoined, and wonder if 
anyone has comments on the just-received communication from Betty 
justifying her earlier electioneering on behalf of John Algeo.  Like 
Marie (always a breath of fresh air IMO) I don't consider either 
candidate deserving of my vote, but that's irrelevant since I wasn't 

Backstabbing in the TS goes all the way back to 1875, but this year's 
exhibition of same is particularly disheartening for anyone who cares 
for the wellbeing of the Society.  From Anton's report of the election 
results one thing jumped out at me: Iceland had the lowest proportion 
of TS voters, but IIRC has the highest ratio of Theosophists to general 
population in the world.  Hence, the TS members who are MOST SUCCESSFUL 
at propagating Theosophy in their own country are MOST DISGUSTED with 
the choice between Algeo and Burnier.  I share their sentiments.


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