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TS - Membership in India

Jul 08, 2008 06:51 AM
by mkr777

Looking at the International election statistics, you find TS has a huge
presence in India and that should surprise no one. The presence was decisive
in the recent democratic election.

>From the early days of TS, the Founders traveled extensively, in spite of
poor transportation, and branches were started all over the country. They
also were involved in activities affecting the local population. Olcott
started a school for the untouchables and HPB started a Sanskrit School.
During Annie Besant's time, she was very much involved in the Indian
Independence Movement and was elected President of Indian National Congress.
In addition she was responsible in the educational movement in India in
starting schools around the country and also her efforts in expanding the
school at Benares which later became Benares Hindu University. These
activities brought attention to her and TS  and a brought in a lot of new
members and they stayed. It is also not unusual to find multiple generations
in lodge membership which also helped in membership increase. So the large
membership has a long history and was not built overnight. Perhaps, those
countries which have problems of increasing membership and retention of
membership, may have to travel to the East and find out the secrets of the
success of TS in India and thus help in expanding TS presence world over.
Simple application of modern technology and management techniques are not
going to do the job by themselves.  They can help.


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