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TS in America - Member Retention?

Jul 08, 2008 06:26 AM
by mkr777

When you look at the recent International Election statistics, in the USA,
2737 members were eligible to vote. One has to be a member for two years to
be eligible to vote. The total number of dues paying members, as I recall
has been around 4,000. When the two numbers are compared, it does point to
the issue of member retention. New members seem to come and go. This trend
has been pointed out many times here by Jerry and we do not know if anyone
in the administration cared to inquire and find out why new members do not
stay. For real growth of any organization, member retention is essential.

It would also be interesting to find out what is happening in other sections
around the world. Until the root cause or causes of the member retention
is/are identified, we cannot find a fix for it. Hopefully someone will wake
up and put this issue on top priority.

Any Ideas?


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