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TS Election -- Congratulations to Radha Burnier

Jul 06, 2008 08:27 PM
by mkr777

I think that all our congratulations are due to Radha Burnier in her getting
re-elected as International President with such a margin of support from the
TS members despite the vigorous electioneering done by many leading
theosophists to support John Algeo. For those of us in the USA,
electioneering is no surprise among politicians; but new ground has been
broken in the TS in the current election. Let us all wish Radhaji a long
healthy life and a highly productive term of office.

One other thing I noticed that I need to mention.  I was expecting a public
congratulatory statement from John Algeo congratulating Radha Burnier on her
resounding re-election. I am yet to see such a public statement. One wonders
why the silence.

In democratic elections, it is normal custom and expectation even among
Politicians that the losing candidate publicly congratulate the candidate
who gets elected and wish him/her all success in the office. Not hearing
such a public congratulation in the TS Election is indeed a surprise.

M K Ramadoss

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