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TS Election - Protest

May 30, 2008 03:30 PM
by mkr777

I just now received the following message. I have deleted the e-mail
addresses in the msg to avoid spammers extracting them for their spam

I think Victor has laid out the facts very succintly and what he has
suggested is very reasonable. Unless a severe action is taken, the Election
would be a farce and would only encourage all kinds of questionable tactics
in future and the TS and Theosophists will become a laughing stock as
hypocrites, if they already have not become so.

M K Ramadoss, Member, San Antonio, Texas, USA


For quick access to all the important messages on TS International Election,
go to:


>From "Viquetor1@...... 1:24 pm (3½ hours ago)
To: ......

date May 30, 2008 2:24 PM
subject Request Fair Theos. Election

To Presidents and/or contact persons of TS Lodges and Study Centers

Dear Fellow Theosophists:

Many high-standing members of the Theosophical Society have informed us that
the election of the International President is founded on a basis of
misinformation, withheld information and, in some cases, blatant lies which
have outraged truth-seeking members around the world. Numerous members will
have voted ? innocently ? in this election based on a totally mistaken
perception of the reality.

Many of us are outraged. I cannot remain silent and do nothing regarding
this issue. "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men
do nothing." (Edmund Burke)

I urge you to join me in registering a strong protest to every member of the
Society in a leadership position.

I hope that every president/contact person of every Lodge and Study Center
will feel a moral and ethical duty to inform every member of their group of
this flawed election process, and to encourage them to respond to all
leaders of the Society appropriately.

E-mail addresses for the General Council and/or Election committee members
are listed at the end of this message. E-mail addresses for TSA in Wheaton
are listed in the TSA website.

If you need additional information, go to this website:

Please take action. SILENCE = ASSENT

Victor C. Brown,
Vice President
Orlando, Florida Lodge

The following was my response to all General Council and/or Election
committee members. Feel free to copy the following response or compose your
To the members of the General Council and/or Election committee:

As one of many participants in this flawed International Presidential

I demand the invalidation of ALL ballots from the American Section and any
other Section where misleading information regarding the International
President has been disseminated.

I demand an independent investigation of the actions of the National
President and officers of the American Section regarding the withholding of
information from the membership concerning the mental and physical condition
of the International President, and that the findings of the investigation
be communicated to the membership.

I demand that every officer who has violated his/her official, moral,
ethical and spiritual duties and responsibilities to the membership muster
the Wisdom to step down from their positions, and members not complicit in
the same be appointed to serve in their stead.

I demand that the General Council and/or Election committee take all
necessary actions to enforce the will of the membership which has the right
to demand an honest and fair election.

It is critical that trust and integrity be restored. The unethical events
surrounding the election of an International President are a mockery of


Victor C. Brown,
Vice President
Orlando Lodge

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