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Re: Theos-World Ad Hominem Campaign

May 28, 2008 04:00 AM
by mkr777

Einar Adalsteinsson from Iceland, was the other national leader who
participated years ago. We have not heard from him for years. Someone may
bring us uptodate about him.


On 5/28/08, <> wrote:
> I applaud Govert in pointing out that Pedro is one of the few officers who
> have participated here. Everyone here who has been reading the messages know
> what his factual contributions are. There was only one other officer - a
> National Secretary who participated some years ago. While we may
> all have our own different views on a lot of things, the one thing which
> brings all of us here is our interest in theosophy and I hail the
> contribution of everyone.
> mkr.
> On 5/28/08, Govert Schuller <> wrote:
>> Dear Jokela, Pedro and MKR,
>> I think we should recognize and respect the fact that Pedro is one of the
>> very few officers of the TS to stick out his neck on this forum. MKR
>> complains that there are not enough officers doing so and I agree. So,
>> let's
>> be aware of our communications with him and refrain from projections and
>> speculations and other unfair perceptions. My sense is, and I have some
>> confirmatiion for that, that officers appearing on these groups can easily
>> become lightning-rods for all kinds of frustrations, indignations,
>> projections and accusations, which most of the time have nothing to do
>> with
>> the person in question. Fortunately Pedro has some deftness in dealing
>> with
>> that and Jokela responded correspondently. Wish there were more officers
>> like Pedro.
>> Govert
>> P.S.: For full disclosure I have to state that, because I expect Pedro to
>> become a big shot in the TS, and I like to develop my relationship with
>> him
>> in order to keep my 'stature' in the TS, my statements above have to be
>> read
>> with a grain of salt. 8^)
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>> From: "prmoliveira" < <>>
>> To: < <>>
>> Sent: Wednesday, May 28, 2008 1:55 AM
>> Subject: Re: Theos-World Ad Hominem Campaign
>> --- In <>, Jokela
>> Petri <jokelap@...> wrote:
>> > Pedro,
>> >
>> > Very good that truth comes out. Those are just information I have
>> heard
>> > from sources I thought would be trustfull, so this far they have
>> been
>> > facts to me. I am sorry if you do not see value of that kind of
>> > information in case if they were true. Or value as lies now, when
>> they
>> > are proofed untrue. Now I wonder why some people spread that kind
>> of
>> > thoughts if it is not true at all. I am sorry if you feel it as an
>> attacting
>> > againts you, I appologies from the bottom of my heart. But you have
>> > jumped in to the game supporting one candidate, so I belive you
>> should
>> > have been expect all this.
>> >
>> > You are always free to write to list owner asking to reject my
>> > membership on this list, if there is a reason for it. I belive your
>> > sharings and some speculations has sounded like attacting againts
>> some
>> > persons here as well some other writers here no matter does they
>> support
>> > Radha or John. Though sure I do not know about all the letters if
>> they
>> > really exists or not and real purpose of them. Anyway, no hard
>> feelings
>> > Pedro. Also my FULL name is there as a sign for everyone to see in
>> every
>> > email I have sent here, so I have shared all my ideas based on that
>> no
>> > as concerned memer though her or his ideas was fine.
>> >
>> > So I wonder if nothing is happening for the presidential election.
>> So
>> > false info of Radha´s health and campaining againts John has been
>> > allowed, if cancellation of presidential election has not really
>> > happened. Well, future will show what will happend.
>> >
>> > Has anyone here heard about any cancellation or rejection of some
>> votes
>> > in presidential election of TS in 2008?
>> Petri,
>> Thank you for your reply.
>> Pedro
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