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TS - GC Decisions - Transparency

May 26, 2008 08:27 PM
by mkr777

On August 26, 2003, in connection with the decisions regarding the
Yugoslavia, Denmark and Canada Sections, I posted the following message on


I was glad to see the detailed msg of Mr. Oliveira, thanks to the marvel of
Internet. I am copying this msg to him as well.

At least now, we have information which is recorded in the Minutes of the GC
and the Annual Report of TS. As they go only to the GC members, rank and
file members are in the dark and have to go by hear say, which many times
end up being incomplete and erroneous and distorted and in this day of
Internet, information - both correct and incorrect - spread with lightning
speed which can do a lot of good or harm.

I recall having read an account of the way info from and to GC was
transmitted in the early days of TS when the number of branches were small.
Each branch had a designated member who acted as the conduit and hence all
the members of branches were kept upto date on the proceedings of the GC.
All this changed when TS grew.

For the several decades I have been around TS, I have not seen any
information on the decisions of the GC disseminated to the rank and file
membership. May be it would be a good idea to find an method which is
effective and efficient and timely to disseminate major decisions of the GC.

It looks like with the help of Internet, dissemination of info should be
very inexpensive, timely and effective and efficient. This may be a policy
issue that the GC may want to look into which cannot but help the TS and
Theosophy in today's world.


MKR: This was five years ago. What has the GC done? No one knows? It looks
like no one cares about transparency and I think the passivity of the
members may have something to do with it. If sufficient number of members
around the world demand transparency from their national leaders, only then
something is likely to happen.



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