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Re: Theos-World Re: Independent Inquiry into the TS Election

May 23, 2008 03:54 AM
by MKR

Whatever may be our analysis of election events, the fact is the election is

I think this is the first time in history, the bright light of publicity has
shown on so many top leaders (perhaps to their surprise and shock!) because
of Internet and no one could have in their wildest dreams imagined it. This
includes even those leaders who have not cared (for whatever reason) to
participate in this unmoderated maillist. You will find that in future all
leaders will keep at the back of their mind, the possibility of bright light
of Internet shining on all their actions which they could be confident
be kept secret in the past.

I hope everyone comes out wiser and TS a more stronger organization.
Also, fortunately, all our discussions will be archived by Yahoo for
posterity and future members will have the benefit of knowing how the
election was conducted.

As a side comment, it has been my experience that historical information
which I had never known for decades, and no one in theosophical circles
would talk about, I came to know in a couple of years on this and other
mailing lists.


On 5/23/08, Konstantin Zaitzev <> wrote:
> Dear Pedro,
> --- In <>,
> "prmoliveira" wrote:
> >> The best decision would be to make sure that the letter is
> >> genuine, and if so, to discuss the behaviour of French GS on
> >> the General Council.
> > Are you suggesting that the General Council should be convened now?
> I think that the president can convene the council according to the
> need. Half of its members are residents of India for it could be
> easily convened. This condition was provided when there were no
> aeroplanes.
> Yet there is another option. President could write to GS who wrote
> that she has "brain damage" and ask for explanations. The GS can
> express his pardon publicly. If not, president can sue him for
> slander. As she has all needed medical certificates, the case has
> prospects.
> There was a case with J. Livraga in Argentina, who was slandering on
> the T.S., and only after the fact of slander was proved in the court
> of law, he was expelled, but not earlier.
> My personal opinion is that it is not John Algeo behind the campaign
> but other persons who want to take hold on T.S. They would like use
> him as a stepping stone, as he is old and will work not more than 1
> term, and being discredited by this campaign, he will be a weak
> president. Generally speaking, it doesn't matter for them who wins, it
> is quite possible that defeat of Algeo permits them to nominate their
> candidate even more soon.
> Nevertheless, it's president and council who are responsible for
> mismanagement and current state of affairs in the T.S., not the
> mysterious enemies who began this blackmailing.

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