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Re: Independent Inquiry into the TS Election

May 22, 2008 09:01 AM
by Anand

--- In, "prmoliveira" <prmoliveira@...> wrote:
> Please see below an extract of Rule 10 (c) which establishes the 
> procedure for the nomination process for the election of President of 
> the TS:
> "c) Any member of the Society in good standing, having been a member 
> for at least ten consecutive years immediately preceding his 
> nomination, may be nominated.
> Each member of the General Council, who is a General Secretary, shall 
> be entitled to make three nominations and shall consult his Governing 
> Body before making nominations.

This rule is to be used while making nominations. Rule does not
prohibit a person from telling others that he would be accepting
nominations for the post of the President. While making nominations
officially, each member of the GC shall consult his Governing Body.
The rule does not stop anybody from letting others know if he would
accept nominations or not.

> Please see extract of Rule 10 (e) below about what General 
> Secretaries should inform their members about before they vote: 
> "Each General Secretary, Regional Secretary, Organizing Secretary and 
> Presidential Representative shall make known the names of the 
> candidates and their biographical data to the members in his area and 
> take the votes in accordance with the instructions in Appendix B to 
> these Rules of the individual members on the rolls of his National 
> Society or area of administration who have been members in good 
> standing for two full years as on the date of the call for 
> nominations, and shall communicate the results to the Secretary in 
> accordance with the instructions given in Appendix B to these Rules."

Names of the candidates and their biographical data was enclosed in
every envelope that contained voting papers. I received that from the
Indian Section, and I think most other sections also have sent the
same papers to their members. Once  "names of the candidates and their
biographical data" is sent to the members, General Secretaries have
done their duty, as far as complying with the above rule is concerned.
Above rule does not ask General Secretaries to send medical reports
and other things.

> One would think that at the least in the TS an international election 
> should be fair to all candidates. That is what the Rules of the 
> Society determine. If members in France and in the US were told, by 
> their own General Secretaries, that Radha Burnier's mental state was 
> one of "brain damage", "misfunctioning brain", "incoherence", etc., 
> and since those GSs received copies of the medical certificates, 
> which were sent to them by the Election Committee, attesting to the 
> contrary, would it not be only fair and just that those GSs should 
> pass that information to the members so that they could have an 
> alternative view? 

Election Committee had not ordered General Secretaries that they
should send medical reports of Radha to members. So if they have not
sent these reports to members, it is not a violation of any rule.  In
elections sometimes false propaganda is made to discredit the opposite
candidate. But my observation is such false propaganda is not
generally considered as violation of rules. 

Anand Gholap M.B.A.

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