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Re: Theos-World Re: Steiner

May 14, 2008 00:32 AM
by Augoeides-222

Heindel was a Rosicruxian. 

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From: "Richard Semock" <> 
Max Heindel received the impetus for his tour de force, the Cosmo 
Conception, from Steiner and was the master he spoke about meeting 
while in Germany and maintained contact with on the higher planes 
when he was stateside. The Cosmo is western and christian-centric in 
flavor and terminology where the SD was based on eastern thoughtforms.

Steiner was in contact with the Elder Brothers who are the western 
counterpart if not the same as HPBs Tibetan mahatmas. Steiner also 
introduced Heindel to this cabal and Max might be seen as tasked much 
the same as HPB was but his task was for disseminating the ancient 
wisdom to the Western mind.

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> Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2004 21:59:31 -0000
> From: "walkinsnotwelcome" <zolarczakl@...>
> Subject: Re: freedom of thought
> "Just read any of Rudi's lectures from the second half of 1912, as
> things were coming to a head. Not pretty." I seem to spend more time
> looking under rocks than is really fun, but it is no doubt 
> or my bounden duty, or something. Anything especially dispiriting
> that you'd recommend?
> *****
> A good place to begin (and one that is easily available) is the 
series of
> Steiner lectures collected under the title Life Between Death and 
> They span several months, before and after the split. While he 
doesn't say
> much that addresses the TS head-on, there is a lot about Eastern 
> and Christianity which is very much an effort to make his case to 
> listeners.


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