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Radha Burnier's Health: Testimony of a Neurologist

May 13, 2008 08:20 PM
by prmoliveira

(Dr Du?an ?agar has given me permission to post his message below. PO)

"Dear friends,
I am very surprised about some desinformations of Radha's health 
which some members of TS are circulating on internet. It is against 
all ethical  rules.

As I was at Adyar last December and during the Convention I would 
like to say something about Radha's health at that time.
Radha showed me as medical doctor (both a neurologist and 
psychiatrist) the results of her last medical examinations: the 
arterial blood pressure, electrocardiogram, rtg examinations, 
laboratory tests ( hematologic, sedimentation rate, biochemical 
analysis), ultrasound examinations of abdomen and some other 
examinations. All results were normal.
In that time I was often with her and I can say that her thoughts 
were clear. Her speech was coherent, her memory was good and she 
fluently spoke with me about her childhood, Krishnamurti, Sri Ram,  
Theosophical Society, about current things in Adyar and TS. I noticed 
her great sense of responsibility for the future of the TS.
It was evident that her health was much better in comparison with the 
year before at the Convention time when she was very weak.
Sometimes people recover totaly after stroke if it is mild. I think 
in Radha's case the stroke was such.
Her physical condition was also good inspite of her years. I walked 
with her about 1 km and I must confess that I hardly went so fast 
inspite of my not so bad condition. Such walk  can never be 
caracteristic of people who did not get over serious stroke.
I hope all this unbrotherly actions on internet will come to an end. 
Everyone of us should listen to our own heart and not come to a 
decision under the influence of anybody.
Yours fraternaly
Du?an ?agar
Organizing Secretary, TS in Slovenia"

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