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President Anand Gholap

May 13, 2008 05:37 AM
by Anand

Dear MKR,
Thanks for the information.
--- In, MKR <mkr777@...> wrote:
> Try to get the VP job. Then first set up a website, in all languages
> there are a lot of members. Then get yourself a PhD certificate, you can
> obtain one from one of the on-line sources, very inexpensive. This is
> like honorary degrees. (In the minds of some, a high sounding title
makes a
> lot of impression). Prepare couple of lectures with high sounding
> vocabulary and fuzzy logic. Everything should fly over everyone's
head. (You
> can even create couple of CDs which can be sold during your
travels.) Draw
> up a long-term plan to visit all the countries you will have get the
> nomination and votes from. Travel at the expense of TS. You also need to
> shake a lot of hands and kiss lots of cheeks. Then hire a political
> consultant to put final touches on strategies. You are very likely
to be the
> next President. If I am still around, count on my vote.
> mkr

On Sunday, Monday and Tuesday Radha was here in Pune. Book taken for
study was Freedom from the Known by J. Krishnamurti. I could easily
see lack of interest among the members of TS about this book. Out of
hundred lodge members only 7-8 members had come, and they had to come
because they were given responsibility of making arrangements. I also
attended most of the sessions. 
I attended it because I wanted to see what answers she would give to
the objections which I raise about Krishnamurti. I asked number of
questions to Radha to show that Krishnamurti's speeches and Theosophy
are not compatible. 
One of her answer was we are trying to know what author has to say
(without thinking about whether he is right or wrong)
She could not and did not justify Krishnamurti's views.
It is unclear why she took K's book for study when his views can not
be justified. Later many members said I was right. K's views are not
for us. 
It appears that Radha's popularity has gone down because she it trying
to promote K's teachings. 

Anand Gholap M.B.A.

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