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Re: Theos-World Re: Krishnamurti, theosophy, & the TS

May 12, 2008 06:12 PM
by Cass Silva

Martin, one major flaw, imo, in Krishnamurti's teaching is that he incarnated with his lower self under his control.  For us to do this can result in mental trauma as it requires us to deny inner truths.  Memory is a major factor, and to deny a memory of a past incident in our life is to deny its existence, which is clearly delusional.  This is why I believe Advaita can be very dangerous for the western student.

Martin <> wrote:
          Dear Aryel Sanat:

I read your piece of thought and some stuff on your
A very good article there is about Avatara's.

This idea of avataras has kept me busy since I agreed
on swallowing the food my evil mother tried to put in
my mouth when I was 1 year of age.
48 years later I am transforming my ego into non ego
and thus receiving Ego.
The most interesting here is this 'new' Ego is the
same as I feel within others, ain't that weird!
Especially when I feel a wave of this new Ego entering
this system of mine, people look at me and talk to
me:' I know you but can't remember you?'
I never met these people!
Then I see me playing any instrument as an super
virtuoso, answering all questions with the right
sollutions, to be followed by an enormous sense of
wrath and justice.
The waves in me stop a while then and I become ego
again for a while. A real shizophrenic I woulöd say,
I feel I am halfway the process now and on the
crossroads of speak or shut up...I choose speak for a
while, since I am sober enough not to have this
personality be sucked up in vanity fair nor does it
have the idle idea of being of ANY importance. We are
all One, so I am just 1 of those billions of needles
sticking out of the 'voodood' earth.
I can hear the drums of war in the near future and I
am sure you will be confident then to know Theosophy,
theosophy will have merged into Theoschatty. You ask a
Dutchman what the word 'schat' means :-) 

--- Aryel Sanat <> wrote:

> It's great to be back in touch with you Pedro,
> though of course email 
> is not the same! Unfortunately, I don't know for
> how long I might be 
> able to stay participating on the list, because
> working at the 
> computer tends to bring back symptoms from the
> stroke I suffered a 
> year ago (on top of health issues I'd been dealing
> with since spring 
> 2003). In fact, I "shouldn't" be doing this. But
> it's obvious that 
> the TS is right now at what may be the most
> important crossroads in 
> its history, & we all have to do what we can. 
> Please give my 
> affectionate regards to the many friends Down Under!
> Aryel
> On May 12, 2008, at 8:14 AM, prmoliveira wrote:
> > --- In, Aryel Sanat
> <asanat@...> wrote:
> >
> > > A Theosophist might find it
> > > difficult to understand someone trying to convey
> some of the
> > > implications of theosophy. A Theosophist might
> expect to see his
> > > ideas & expectations, based mostly on reading
> books & listening to
> > > "knowledgeable" people, confirmed in some way or
> another. A
> > > Theosophist might even be shocked to hear what a
> theosophist might
> > > say on some subjects.
> >
> > Welcome to theos-talk, Aryel, and thank you for
> your introductory
> > remarks. They reminded me of our conversations at
> Adyar in 2002 and
> > in Australia in early 2003. They also reminded me
> of one of my
> > favourite passages in The Mahatma Letters:
> >
> > "You share with all beginners the tendency to draw
> too absolutely
> > strong inferences from partly caught hints, and to
> dogmatize
> > thereupon as though the last word had been spoken.
> You will correct
> > this in due time. You may misunderstand us, are
> more than likely to
> > do so, for our language must always be more or
> less that of parable
> > and suggestion, when treading upon forbidden
> ground; we have our own
> > peculiar modes of expression and what lies behind
> the fence of words
> > is even more important than what you read. But
> still ? TRY."
> >
> > (Letter 111, chronological edition)
> >
> > Greetings from Down Under.
> >
> > Pedro
> >
> >
> > 
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