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TS Membership Trend

May 11, 2008 07:58 PM
by MKR

May 11, 2008

To: National Secretaries and Members

Dear Brother:

In a recent message, a TS member stated:

"According to the Annual Report of the TS for 1973, the year John
Coats was elected president, the Indian Section had 7,821 members and
the rest of the world had 24,448. Today, according to the 2007 Annual
Report of the TS, the Indian Section has 12,444 members and the rest
of the world 16,570."

This shows that in India, the membership has increased by 59%.
In rest of the world, it has declined by 32%.

The trend around the world, except, India, is very disturbing. The
population has grown. In addition, with the coming down of Iron Curtain,
there is more democracy in East European countries. In spite of this the
membership has declined. Why?

TS, internationally operated on a de-centralized model. The National
Secretaries,  once elected, in spite of the National Board, seem to operate
like in a fiefdom with board going along whatever the NS wants. Also, the
national election rules are so fine tuned so that candidates not-acceptable
to the leadership cannot easily run for an office and get elected.

So looking at the statistics,  the National Secretaries are not doing
something right and this is reflected in the decline. It appears that,
instead of getting involved in electioneering by presenting misleading
information to members, they should be working hard first to fix the
membership bleeding taking place in their own backyard.

At this rate, by end of this century, TS may disappear around the world
except in India.

Thank you

Fraternally yours,

M K Ramadoss
TS, San Antonio, Texas, USA

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