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Re: Theos-World Presidential Election

May 11, 2008 08:37 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

what a good karma you have, haven't talked to German theosophists!
When I had the idea we should launch a headquarter, one lady replies, that 
this is impossible.
I asked why?
"Because no one will take care for the toilet paper!!!"

Imagine, the biggest problem German theosophists have is - enough toilet 

Not the disappearing in the 1960'ies and 70'ies of around 60 direct and more 
indirectly theosophical magazines (what a luck because of the high treason 
acts many was confiscated by the government for safekeeping), not the low 
manas and buddhi level -- toilet paper is the big problem.

Even when I promised, in case the old ladies would build a HQ are at least 
would start a campaign for it, to bring frequently new packs of toilet paper 
to the HQ, they denied.

We do nothing! The Masters do all!!

In Germany lawns are dog toilets, so it would be unpleasant for human beings 
to walk or sit on lawns.

The Anthroposophists have a HQ!!

Perhaps they are dogs?

Or why can Anthroposophy solve toilet issues better than theosophy??

Had HPB have enough toilet paper?


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From: Martin
Sent: Monday, May 05, 2008 9:05 AM
Subject: Re: Theos-World Presidential Election

Good one, we need to play Golf now and then else our
mind gets bored. Golf tends to be boring as well
though, like lawn tennis, KH so despised. He could
never forsee that in fact in these 2 sports so much
money can be made.
The boredom of the TS elections will never fill a
childs wallet.
Lawns to be mowed, it is funny indeed. When I was
about to visit TS Pasadena in 1980, I was told by
Grace F. Knoche: ''you are invited to come but
remember the lawns must be mowed and the dishes be
washed''. I never went there anyway since I was in
deep trouble with mowing my own law (!).
I always wodered why the English are so panicing about
their lawns not to thread them.
I once sat in a park in London and was knocked on the
shoulder by a cop to move, but when he saw my
superdooper all terrainbike he asked if it was mine.
When I agreed I could stay on the grass. I then
offered him a small cigar.

--- wrote:

> I've got another one.
> The mind of the whole
> Is a mind full of holes.
> Chuck the Heretic
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> From: Martin <>
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> Sent: Sun, 4 May 2008 2:01 pm
> Subject: Re: Theos-World Presidential Election
> I wonder where you got this from.
> I would gladly add:
> A mind of your own
> Is a mind on a throne
> A mind of another
> Is a mind not together
> A mind in the whole
> Is a mind with a soul
> --- leadershipbeacon <> wrote:
> > Great minds discuss ideas
> > Average minds discuss events
> > Small minds discuss people
> >
> > ---Let us stop all discussions on individuals
> >
> >
> >
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