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Re: Theos-World Food Consumption

May 09, 2008 09:56 AM
by Augoeides-222

My view is:
   You can't always rely on statistical representations. That 1046 Kg per annum of grain =2301.2 lbs divided by 365.2415 days per year = 6.3 lbs of grain eaten each day by over 300 million Americans! Since the average bowel movement of normal humans is only 8 ounces per day the entire USA population would have exploded a long time ago because they are retaining 88 ounces per day of eaten grain that is never evacuated and creating a huge pollution event!!! Lol!  

  Also the corn production here now is 60 bushels of corn per acre, very much higher than anywhere else in the world! We also "Export" over half of our Agricultural Production which is purchased by many of those nations whose lack of diligence keeps them as net importers of their food. The USA  provides more than half of the World Food Bank stores, the rest of the entire world the remainder! Because we Export over half  of our production it artificially keeps food prices higher here and we all pay more so you all can eat more!!!

  Yes Corn production increased but mainly due to incentives for new Ethanol Production Start-ups. The Agricultural Statistics stated did not give a breakdown that shows the amount of the gross production that is exported for foreign supply. North Korea was promised 500,000 tons of Rice under present time 6 Nations Agreements and switched to demanding that China provide that! Where the hell will China get 500,000 tons of extra Rice? They are a net Importer of food! Guess who??

  India and China constitute slightly over 50 % of the entire world population today of 6 billion plus humans. Neither can currently feed their respective population from internal production.

  In a few years there will be 9 billion world population folks! Think "Petri Dish"is a simple way to understand futures.


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From: Martin <> 

Indeed, very shocking:

--- MKR <> wrote:

> I saw this informative article on food consumption:
> "Even as the world spins into a global food crisis,
> a popular theory ?
> voiced by the likes of US President George W Bush
> and secretary of state
> Condoleezza Rice ? is that the Chinese and Indians
> are responsible. The
> 'logic': due to zooming incomes, they are eating
> more, causing worldwide
> shortages. But is that true?
> Due to their huge populations, countries like India
> and China may appear to
> consume gigantic amounts of food. But the real
> elephant in the room that
> nobody is willing to talk about is how much each
> person gets to eat. And the
> answer will shock many."
> You may want to read the entire articles. See link
> below.
> mkr
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