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TS Elections - Integrity of the Process

May 09, 2008 03:05 AM
by MKR

May 9, 2008


To: All National Secretaries

Dear Brother:

In the USA, we say dotting the i's and crossing the t's. That is following
meticulously the procedures and paperwork per rules. There is a procedure
laid down for the Election of the International President. The procedure has
certain decision making steps, paper work, and balloting, all combined with
certain time-lines. In the present election, we, ordinary members, do not
know whether every aspect of the procedure was meticulously followed. In the
past, probably the implicit basis was "Trust Us", you do not have to worry;
we always do it right. That trust has been broken. Many do not have 100%
trust in what is going on. I am not saying that anything illegal or improper
has been done. But we do not know if all the aspects of the elections is
carried out correctly and meticulously.

We have three members of the Elections Committee. One of the members is the
International Secretary. While she is a long-time dedicated Theosophist.
Elvira Carbonell was her assistant. We all have seen Carbonell's personal
message e-mailed to National Secretaries suggesting they nominate John
Algeo. This was done even before the call for nominations reached the
National Leaders/GC members. We do not know if the Secretary saw or knew of
Carbonell's letter before it was sent. We also do not know if any discussion
took place between the Secretary and Carbonell and who else in the GC
(including the Vice President) which resulted in the letter. So there is a
dark cloud on hanging on the Secretary. So far the Secretary has not spoken.
The Secretary continues in the office as well as being on the Election

I would suggest, to remove any cloud in the process, the Secretary to step
aside immediately from the role of Secretary and the member of Election
Committee until the election is final. The General Council can appoint
someone else who has a high stature in the Theosophical World to command the
confidence of all of us as the temporary replacement for the Secretary and
member of Election Committee.

Quick and decisive action is needed immediately. Unless the integrity of the
process is re-established, we will end up with a broken process which will
never get back on track and which has the confidence of world-wide

I am also wondering why when we have all the highly educated, highly
experienced and smart members in the General Council, no one seems to be
concerned with such a simple but serious issue. Again it looks like we have
one more "Emperor has no clothes".

I am submitting this simple suggestion for your immediate and kind
consideration. Your quick action in the matter will be appreciated.

Whatever decisions are taken, quick publicity of the decisions using e-mail
to members would help everyone. If you need, I can e-mail them to the
Internet maillists and to the members in my e-mail list.

I am at your Service.

Thanking you

Fraternally yours,

M K Ramadoss
Member, TS, San Antonio, Texas, USA

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