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Let's keep things simple

May 09, 2008 01:25 AM
by Anton Rozman

In the perspective of current unconstitutional situation in the whole 
Theosophical Society, of the numerous infringements of the Rules and 
Regulations from the part of current administration in the past, of 
rapid decline of membership in the Society, in the absence of the 
vision of the role of the Theosophical Society in the changing world; 
in the perspective of the necessity of unification of all our forces 
and all theosophical traditions with the purpose to fulfill the mission 
predicted for the Theosophical Society, the actual moralizing over the 
election campaign which central point is fitness for the work of one 
person and the discussion on the personal level, seems more than out of 

We owe to the cause and to the numerous Theosophists like George Duguay 
to do our best to transcend personal interests and to find the best 
possible administrative solutions for the coming years, in a pragmatic 


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