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Theos-World Re: TS - Secrecy Mentality?

May 08, 2008 11:11 PM
by Anton Rozman

>From Canadian Theosophical Association

On January 29, 2008, George Duguay, a key leader and worker for the 
Canadian Theosophical Association, passed away at the age of 76 in 
Brampton, Ontario. 

George was born and raised in Montreal and spent all his life there 
until 1988 when he moved to Toronto. He joined the Theosophical 
Society in 1957. During the past fifty years George was active in 
various positions and lodges. In the late 1950's he served as 
Treasurer of the Montreal Lodge. He later became a member of Isis 
Lodge in Montreal where he was active as a lecturer and arranged for 
publicity for that lodge. In the early 1970's, at the suggestion of 
the then International President of the T. S., Mr. John Coats, that 
in Canada there should be some Theosophical activities for French 
speaking members, George helped establish what eventually became 
Christos Lodge in Montreal. He served there as President for a number 
of years. 

In 1988 George was transferred to the Toronto area for his work. And 
it was then that he joined York Lodge in Toronto. Also, in 1988 
George served as Regional Secretary for the Canadian Federation for a 
one-year period. In 1993, the year of inception of our national 
magazine, The Light Bearer, he helped in its production. 

The year 2000 was a significant one for George, when he took 
retirement and was elected as Regional Secretary of the Canadian 
Federation of the T. S. (a forerunner of the Canadian Theosophical 

Not only his involvement in Theosophy, but also his years in the work 
force, provided George with a wide range of experience. He worked as 
an accountant for an insurance company, as well as holding various 
supervisory positions in the fields of import and transportation. One 
of the most challenging aspects of his work in transportation would 
certainly have been negotiations in labor agreements with the 
teamsters unions and in dealing with labor grievances. 

In 2001, George played a key role in writing the By-laws and 
overseeing the Incorporation of the CTA (Canadian Theosophical 
Association) when he became the CTA's first President. 

George did much fine work for the CTA, and continued to serve until 
he drew his very last breath. During the last few months of his life, 
when he was ill, he continued on with his responsibilities as 
National Treasurer, as well as doing most of the work of the CTA 
Secretary while in the process of training a new officer to take on 
that role. George was our Webmaster, and he had created a very 
sophisticated and complex website with over 800 online documents, 
which is utilized by universities and Theosophical organizations from 
around the world. 

Furthermore, right until his death George looked after the printing 
and distribution of The Light Bearer as well as continuing to serve 
as Secretary/Treasurer of York Lodge. 


Geo helped me and many other theosopists around the world to 
establish their own theosophical web sites and publish in that way 
their translations of theosophical texts in mother language. He was 
giving constant support and encouragement. In that way he have done 
more than anyone else or any organization for the promotion of the 
theosophy in non-English speaking countries in current times.


--- In, MKR <mkr777@...> wrote:
> I have never heard of George Duguay. Can someone tell me something 
> George.
> mkr
> On 5/8/08, Erica Letzerich <eletzerich@...> wrote:
> >
> > Poor George Duguay, he was always sending me updates to the 
> > Directory of the T.S.. , I miss him, a person with great 
personality always
> > there when needed, always willing to help...
> >
> > May he rest in peace.
> >
> > Erica
> >
> > Anton Rozman <anton_rozman@... <>> wrote:
> > It seems that our discussion on the election process has opened 
> > issues which are something new for the administration and that
> > therefore it is quite natural that it is not prepared yet for 
> > challenges.
> >
> > Regarding the e-mail addresses I remember that late Geo Duguay was
> > saying that his Adyar Directory on CTA site is more up-to-date 
> > that brought by The Theosophist. So, there can be a problem of
> > maintaining updated information which is constantly changing.
> >
> > On the other hand, your message raised in my mind a question: 
> > information should have to be available to the members. It would 
> > quite interesting to hear what members of this group think about 
> > question.
> >
> > Anton
> >
> > --- In <>, 
> > <mkr777@> wrote:
> > >
> > > TS administrators seem to have an unusual secrecy mentality when
> > dealing
> > > with members. To cite two recent instances:
> > > Couple of days ago I sent a e-mail to Mary Anderson, 
> > > Secretary, requesting her to send me an updated list of e-mail
> > addresses of
> > > General Secretaries etc. I have information which is about 95%
> > correct. I
> > > wanted to have it 100% correct so that when I send e-mails on
> > important
> > > matters, everyone gets it.
> > >
> > > To this day, I have not heard from her. I do not know if the e-
> > > addresses are considered private or official secrets or even 
> > secrets
> > > not to be revealed to ordinary members who do not hold any
> > offices? I am
> > > long-time dues paying member and I am sure I can be trusted not 
> > misuse
> > > the list. I am simply baffled by the non-response.
> > >
> > > Two days ago, I needed the e-mail address of one of the 
officers of
> > TS in
> > > America and I sent a e-mail request to National HQ. Instead of
> > sending me
> > > the e-mail address, I received a nice reply saying that my 
> > has been
> > > sent to the Officer. While I was waiting for the above reply, I
> > Googled the
> > > officer's name and located the e-mail address and the officer
> > confirmed it.
> > > Again, here I am, a dues paying member requesting the e-mail
> > address of the
> > > officer. Can I not be trusted with the e-mail address. I am 
> > at a loss
> > > to know what is going on.
> > >
> > > People talk about Internet and its use etc. Looks like a lot 
> > education
> > > is needed for the administrative folks in the USA as well as 
> > >
> > > Mkr
> > >
> > >
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> > >
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> >
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