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Radha Burnier's relatives at the Headquarters

May 06, 2008 03:39 PM
by Anton Rozman

I got this message from an anonymous sender:

There is no Religion higher than (full) Truth. No half truth please. 
The full truth of Radha's relatives and caste people (employees and or 
residents) in the International Headquarters at Adyar is. (Caste 
feelings are very strong in India and forms the basis of even political 
elections and voting choices and also form the basis for a kinship 
within one's caste to the exclusion of those belonging to other castes, 
with nepotism and favoritism).      
Relatives are Nandan Nilakanta, Uma Nilakanta, Subha Nilakanta, 
Sundari, Sharada, Parvati, Arjun, Vijay, Gautama, Sarasa, Lakshmi, 
Swaminathan, Baskar, Dr Jagannathan, Narayana and people of her caste 
are Harihara Raghavan, Subramanian, Sankaranarayan, Kannan and some at 
clerical and manual worker levels.

Can anybody confirm this list?


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