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US Elections

May 05, 2008 05:25 PM
by MKR

French Section wrote to their voting members that Radha Burnier's health is
poor. In that letter it was mentioned:

"We have learned that as of today Germany, Finland, Spain, Italy,
Portugal, Sweden, the USA, Colombia and Argentina have decided to
write in a similar vein to their members."

So it appears that the effort to highlight the health issue of Radha Burnier
and thus encourage members to vote for John Algeo may have been a well
coordinated plan between at least above nine countries.

If any of the readers here have seen or received the letters in the above
countries, please let us knows so that we can keep our readers informed.
Also it would be interesting to know if the members of the above cited
countries were informed of the two doctors' certificates certifying Radha
Burnier fit mentally and physically.

Any feed back from members of this maillist will be helpful.


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