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Re: Theos-World Espresso book machine.

May 05, 2008 02:38 PM
by Martin

I wonder how the Ents will think about all this
woodchopping for paper...?

--- Noel vasco <> wrote:

> Mr. Jason Epstein, prestigious editor of United
> States was recently in Bogotá Colombia.
> Sounds interestings his new machine to print books
> on five minutes.
> Look.
> The Espresso Machine Debuts
> Newest entrant in digital publishing
> by Judith Rosen -- Publishers Weekly, 6/26/2006
> If former Random House editorial director Jason
> Epstein has his way, as early as next year people
> will be able to order books online in just about any
> language. And faster than you can say "Grande
> Caramel Macchiato," they will be able to be pick up
> the finished product at a nearby bookstore, coffee
> shop or copy shop.
> At least that's the concept behind Epstein's latest
> venture, On Demand Books, which he founded last year
> with former Dean & DeLuca president and CEO Dane
> Neller and technology expert Thor Sigvaldason. The
> company recently received an infusion of cash,
> nearly $766,000, from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
> and has begun beta testing its Espresso Book
> Machine, which can print black-and-white text for a
> 300-page paperback with a four-color cover, and bind
> it together in three minutes.
> "Our goal is to preserve the economic and ergonomic
> simplicity of the physical book," said Epstein, who
> laments the disappearance of backlist and ready
> access to books in other languages. By printing from
> digital files, ODB hopes to make warehousingâ??and
> much of today's distribution modelâ??obsolete. "In
> theory," said Epstein, "every book printed will be
> digitized, which means the market will be radically
> decentralized. A bookstore with this technology,
> without any expense to themselves [other than the
> machine] can increase their footprint." Of course,
> that also means that Kinko's or Wal-Mart can
> transform themselves into mini-bookstores,
> especially given the machine's affordability. Neller
> anticipates that it will retail for less than
> $100,000.
> The Espresso Book Machine was invented by Jeff Marsh
> and is intended to print books from digital files
> with only minimal human intervention. Marsh created
> the precursor to Espresso, the Perfect Book Machine,
> five years ago. Since then he has printed several
> thousand titles, mostly self-publishing projects,
> and has continued to refine the machine, which
> prints a date and time stamp inside each finished
> book and tracks each book printed to facilitate
> publisher payments. While the Espresso Book Machine
> can print original manuscripts, as does the
> InstaBook machine (PW, June 5), the ODB team has a
> more ambitious goal: they want stores and libraries
> to use the machine to print copies of slow-selling
> titles or books that have temporarily gone out of
> stock, as well as rare books. The company will
> likely begin by offering a small catalogue of titles
> available through ODB, and is in negotiations with
> publishers to host their digital files. Books from
> the Internet
>  Archive, which has scanned some 30,000 titles, are
> also likely to be made available through ODB, said
> IA head Brewster Kahle. And Epstein expects that as
> more publishers digitize their titles, the
> availability of books that can be printed by
> Espresso will significantly increase.
> In April, the first Espresso Book Machine was
> installed at the InfoShop at the World Bank in
> Washington, D.C., which has loaded 200 of its titles
> online for the three-month test period. Two
> additional Espressos will be installed at the New
> York Public Library and the Bibliotheca Alexandrina,
> in Egypt, in September. ODB is also currently in
> talks with a bookstore chain outside the U.S. about
> installing the machine. In addition, the company is
> looking beyond the traditional book market and hopes
> to service the printing needs of large corporations.
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