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TS Elections

May 05, 2008 10:41 AM
by MKR

May 5, 2008

To: Election Committee


Dear Brothers:

Like in the USA, it appears that in many countries, the National
Secretaries/Presidential Representatives informed their voting members that
Radha Burnier's mental and physical health is poor and hence recommended
their members to vote for John Algeo. It is unclear as to in which countries
this has happened.

As you are aware, subsequently, two highly reputed doctors who have examined
Radha Burnier, issued certificates certifying her mentally and physically
fit. In the USA, this information was not transmitted to the voting members.
So many have cast their ballots under the mistaken belief that Radha Burnier
is sick. So the votes are now tainted due to the members being kept in the
dark by the National Secretary.

This seems to have happened in many countries. I think it is the
responsibility of the Election Committee to inquire and find out the depth
and scale of this withholding of critical information to determine if the
election results are tainted by withholding of information.

Hence, it is my humble suggestion to you to inquire of each National
Secretary and Presidential Agent:

1. Was a direct or indirect representation made to the voting members that
Radha Burnier is sick (both mentally and physically) and if they did,
details of how it was done and

2.  When the doctors' certificates certifying the mental and physical
fitness of Radha Burnier was received by them, was the information
immediately distributed to voting members and the details of the method and
timing of distribution.

3. Ask them to submit copies of the communication from the National
Secretaries & Presidential Agent to their voting members sent in regard to
(1) and (2).

In today's Internet world, the above information can be collected and
compiled quickly. Once a determination is made to the extent of damage done
to the integrity of the election process, decide on a course of action.

When the above information is ready, my request is that you share it with TS
members using Internet in addition to distribution through the National


Fraternally yours,

M K Ramadoss
Member TS
San Antonio, Texas, USA

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