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TS Elections - National Secretaries' Interference

May 02, 2008 07:35 AM
by MKR

I have been mulling over what is going on in the TS Elections.

All communications from Adyar on election matters are sent to National
Secretaries. They in turn, are expected to pass on any important information
and facts to their members so that members intelligently participate in the

What we see is National Secretaries are not doing it. A case in point is the
fact that two highly respected doctors in India who have examined Radha
Burnier have certified her mentally and physically fit. Copies of these two
certificates were sent all National Secretaries (President, in the USA).
Before the certificates were available, the ruse used by National
Secretaries was that Radha Burnier is mentally and physically too sick after
her stroke in 2006 and many Secretaries solicited the members to vote for
John Algeo on this basis.

By not forwarding the critical information clarifying Radha Burnier's
health, the Secretaries are not only doing their duty to their members but
also are interfering with the election process and they have clearly become

Using their official position as the National Head, interfering in the
election is serious moral and ethical lapse on their part.

I think it is time for the members to immediately contact their National
Secretaries and ask them for an explanation. May be it is time for the
Election Committee also look into this interference since the position
involved is the highest for TS. I am afraid, if the election is won by
unfair tactics; it is going to cause irreparable harm to TS, which no one
will be able to fix, once it goes out of control.



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