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RE: Theos-World Three Reasons to prefer Algeo over Burnier

May 01, 2008 07:28 AM
by kolad beth

Hi Folks, Actually I'm finding all this talk about elections as rather, well, nauseating. John may be acting with best intentions, but one would never know it by the comments here. seems to me that those who don't do the work of actually keeping an organization running, sure don't mind sitting back and criticizing!
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> Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2008 20:39:43 -0400
> Subject: Re: Theos-World Three Reasons to prefer Algeo over Burnier
> Dear MKR,
> Just for the record and to dispel some of your hunches.
> Chris doesn't live or work at Olcott. He is in his last months of being on
> the TSA Board, having served the maximum 2 terms. I'm sure he'll be back.
> I encouraged him to start this new blog after the relative succes of his
> first one "Theosphist: Blogs from the Path" at
> Parameters are still being worked out.
> The underlying motivation comes from a certain exposure to modern
> organizational theory and practice and the realization that the TS could
> potentialy benefit from studying and applying the new ideas and practices
> that have been developed.
> It is a great experiment to facilitate FTS to participate in a reflection on
> the TS's own institutional structure, which means its policy-making process,
> its organizational culture, its governance model and concrete policy
> proposals.
> He is therefore taking a certain risk and should be recommended for that and
> his actions should not be interpreted with a priori suspicions as you do.
> Time and experience will tell, not projections based on past experiences and
> frustration.
> Govert
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> From: "MKR" 
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