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Re: Fwd: [theos-l] Election Committee's response to the French TS Board

Apr 30, 2008 02:53 AM
by Anton Rozman

We have at least an unusual election process indeed. 

In the absence of the policy of the Society determined by the General 
Council, the violation of the Rules and Regulations is taking place 
with the circulation and publication of the material which isn't 
approved by the Executive Committee.

One candidate is running for the office presenting her views through 
circular letter, the other with the publication of his plan of 
activities on the net. 

As the health of the first candidate is in question certain material 
is delivered to the members in favor of the second candidate 
presuming a poor health of the first candidate. Then doctors' 
certificates are produced for the purpose of the election campaign of 
the first candidate and the Voting Committee actively steps in the 
campaign in favor of this candidate, declaring her fitness for the 
office, fairly transcending its authority and acting in the name of 
the Executive Committee and the General Council. 


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> Date: Apr 29, 2008 7:23 PM
> Subject: [theos-l] Election Committee's response to the French TS 
> To:
> Below is the text of the letter the Election Committee of the TS at
> Adyar sent, on 18 April 2008, to the General Secretary of the TS in
> France, with copies to all General Secretaries of the TS. The letter
> also attached copies of the medical certificates issued by Radha
> Burnier's doctors.
> Pedro Oliveira
> "We wish to point out that there are some serious mistakes in the
> letter dated 29.3.08 addressed by Maxence Ondet to the members of 
> French Section on behalf of the Conseil Directeur of that Section.
> She says that she has the duty of informing the French members about
> the state of President Radha's health. We wish to draw your 
> to some items of serious consequence. The allegations made by the
> French Section Council cast an aspersion on the decision of the
> Executive Committee at Adyar taken on 1 March 2008 to include Radha
> Burnier's name as well as that of John Algeo as candidates in the
> election. It is completely wrong for a Section Council to give views
> on this matter when the Executive Committee has taken a decision.
> 1. The French Council says that Radha Burnier suffered a grave AVC
> which prevented her from speaking etc. This is not true. She spoke
> soon afterwards to Dr. P. Tirumalai, a cardiologist and her personal
> physician, and to some others, and her recovery was fairly
> fast.
> 2. It is a matter of one's individual reaction to find her 
> lecture lacking in consistency etc. This view cannot be attributed 
> all the General Secretaries who were present.
> 3. It is completely false to state that Radha Burnier accomplishes
> her tasks painfully every day with the aid of `patient, devoted and
> faithful workers', and that the Editorials of the Adyar Theosophist
> are not written by her. We know that she attends to her work as
> usual. Some of it is delayed of course, because of the amount of 
> she has to attend to.
> 4. It is completely false to speak of `her' letters as being written
> by collaborators, of her inconsistent views or to state that some
> people are profiting from her condition etc.
> If the General Council and the Executive Committee of the Society 
> thought that her mental condition affected the Society's work, they
> would have said so and considered her candidature a liability. The
> fact that many Sections agreed to nominate her proves her 
> and not the contrary.
> Attached herewith are two medical certificates. We expect you to 
> immediate action to counteract the impression created in the letter
> from Maxence Ondet dated 29 March 2008.
> With best wishes,
> Yours fraternally,
> The Election Committee
> (Mary Anderson, Keshwar Dastur, Dr C. V. Agarwal)"
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