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Re: Theos-World Three Reasons to prefer Algeo over Burnier

Apr 29, 2008 10:44 AM
by MKR


There are some built-in problems with a site moderated by Chris.

He is an officer of TSA and probably he works there as an employee as
well(someone with info can clarify this).

So there is going to be a lot of subtle direct and indirect pressure put on
him to moderate on posts which may  not be in line with official policy or
official political interests. We will never know because moderation
(censoring) takes place prior to postings.

Also we have not seen anyone from the organization or closely associated
with it, participating in this or other independent forums.  Even we have
not seen Chris even though he has been around Olcott for some years. Why are
they shy or is there an unwritten boycott? (Any clairvoyants, who can

So if anyone wants to read unvarnished opinions and critical information,
this maillist is the place.

Also timing of the opening of the forum makes me wonder if the
organizational leaders subtly encouraged him to open the forum so that info
favorable to the organizational leaders or their policies have a place to
display them to Internet users. This is especially so because of the
continued silence of the Algeo nominators which includes the President of
TSA, even after the Radha's doctors' certificates were sent to them.

Govert W. Schuller wrote:


To Ramadoss 4/28: The forum started by Chris Richardson is semi-moderated.
Posting is restricted to 'authors,' but comments are unrestricted, and it's
mostly in the comments that the real meat is to be found. Chris is a
Theosophist who thinks for himself and his agenda is the improvement of the
organizational culture and governance model at the TSA.

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