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New Theosophy Forum -- Questions???

Apr 28, 2008 11:53 AM
by MKR

The new theosophy forum - blog (moderated one) set up by Chris Richardson,
who is an officer of Theosophical Society in America and I do not know if he
is employed by TSA at Olcott.

In view of the fact it is a moderated one and Chris's position with TSA,
while theoretically he has total freedom, in practice it may be very

Also, when we all learnt how many of the Nominators/GSs in the International
President Election, have tried to use the ruse of health of Radha Burnier as
a tool to influence the voters, and later doctors' evaluation has settled
the health question, the Nominators of Algeo have maintained their silence.

So is the setting up of the blog a tactic to get their point of view on the
internet without leaving their finger prints?. Only time will tell.


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