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New Theosophy Forum - Blog - Limitations

Apr 28, 2008 11:32 AM
by MKR

I visited the new Forum/Blog and there is some useful information in  it.

However, on a closer reading, I found out the following:

1. It is a moderated (censored) forum.

2. Chris is too close to the TS in America administration. Hence there are
limits to his independence when moderation issues come up.

3. Moderated forums generally are not popular in the Internet. You may have
good interest from those who toe the official line. It should be recalled,
some years ago, there was a maillist ts-l, owned and moderated by TSA which
fell on its face.

4. Even in unmoderated forums such as theos-talk and theos-l, they tend to
be self-moderating without the interference of the owner. Any unreasonable
message posted do bring strong response from other readers and that
itself makes it recalliberating. It is extremely rare that the owner had to
intervene. In such cases, the poster is banned from posting.

So when you read the msgs in the blog, keep the above in view.

In view of the above reasons, you will find very valuable information on
theos-talk and theos-l which you will not find anywhere else.


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