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TS Elections - Radha Burnier's Health - Another personal observation

Apr 27, 2008 03:46 PM
by MKR

Here is a message of testimony.

When you know false is false, that is when you find Truth.

Many well known theosophical leaders have been misleading their members and
others with inaccurate & false information regarding the health of Radha
Burnier, with the hope of getting their candidate elected, and refuse to
give credit to credible professional information. One wonders if in 21st
century, is the motto of TS -- "No Religion is Higher Than Than Truth" -- is
just a bunch of words that have no meaning in real day to day application.


From: Gautama G <>
To: G Gautama <>
Sent: Sunday, April 27, 2008 12:57:41 AM
Subject: The mails going around.. Presidential elections

Dear Friends,

I have been surprised at the mails that have been doing the rounds in the
'internet connected world'. it has been often on my mind to respond, because
some of the mails were quite factually off.. However, thinking that merely
adding another voice would not be of much use or even appropriate in the
year of the Presidential election I have held back.

But when the number of mails exceeded a threshold, I felt it is required to
say something, one can be bystander, a silent watcher on, only that long!

It was through a strange coincidence that Radhaji asked me to accompany her
through her European tour in July 2007. She had fixed this up as early as
September 2006, many months before her illness. I had the opportunity of
being close to her for the whole month, except when she was in Holland, and
travelling to Slovenia, Hungary, Finland and England. She gave talks, met
people and I had many interesting conversations with her. She was completely
aware of what she could do and what she could not. Her walk was firm and she
could manage the travel quite well.

On returning, one saw her slowly increase the pace of her work and the time
spent in the office. And as I write this mail I see her in good condition.
So it was surprising to hear canards being spread about her health and

Yes, she is in her eighties and so it is not surprising to me that she has
slowed a bit, and is thinking about the future of the TS and Adyar, in the
manner of one who has some time, but not limitless time.  As one who has
worked with Radhaji, as a fellow Trustee of the Krishnamurti Foundation
India, and one who has worked closely with her in the Olcott Education
Society (I serve in the role of Secretary, Olcott Memorial School), one has
always seen her speak  her truth, however unpopular, however difficult. To
construe that she is being political is to do her great injustice, and to
miss the point completely.

I am reminded of the famous words of the Sage Haridrumna Gautama to his 7
year old pupil, Jabala, "You are a Bramhin if you have the courage to speak
a dangerous truth." I Think Radhaji has always done this... speaking the
difficult truth..

With regards

G. Gautama

p.s. My fuller credentials.. I work in the Krishnamurti school in Damodar
Gardens, since 1990 as it Principal. Prior to that I worked in the Olcott
school In Besant Gardens as Director Crafts and Human Resources from 1987.
My mother still works in the Adyar library - Parvati Gopalaratnam is 84 and
my  father, Late (Col) R.Gopalaratnam served the TS from 1970 to 2004 in
several roles - as General manager, Convention officer, Manager TPH etc. My
mother is Radha's cousin.

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