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Re: Theos-World Re: Some news and personal oppnions about the Presidential election of TS 2008

Apr 27, 2008 05:02 AM
by MKR

While agree with your interpretation of the rules, in practice, it is the
President who really head the TS. That is what you will also see in the
sections. The members go along and usually due to various complicated
reasons rarely differ with the head.  So we have to wait and see what is in
store for the TS.

One area where I have been repeatedly shouting is that the TS is not using
Internet effectively. A passive website is ok. It is one way communication
with the world which includes members. Two-way communication is lacking.
With all the talk about Internet, technology, foresight, vision and all, for
the last several years, even in the American Section, the progress is very
very minimal. One wonders why? Perhaps it is the fear of inability to
control flow and velocity of flow of info both ways. One cannot take
advantage of time lag that paper mail allows.


On Sun, Apr 27, 2008 at 1:22 AM, Anton Rozman <>

>   In the Rules and Regulations of the TS we can read: "The General
> Council shall be the Governing Body of The Theosophical Society." So,
> it is the General Council which shall determine the policy of the
> Society and not the President. The President is the "First
> Administrator," the manager, who executes the policy determined by the
> GC. And, as the GC shall be a body of representatives of all the
> members of the Society, there are all the members of the Society who
> shall determine the policy of the Society and, on the other hand, the
> reason why the President is directly elected by all the members of the
> Society. This is the idea, the democratic ideal in the Rules and
> Regulations of the TS. And in this respect the issue of the health of
> the President should be at all out of the question.
> Anton

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