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Some news and personal oppnions about the Presidential election of TS 2008

Apr 26, 2008 01:37 AM
by Jokela Petri

This far there has been mostly two kinds of proofs of Mrs. Radha Burnier´s health.

*We have an eye wintness by president of TS in USA Mrs. Betty Blant (and many others) and two indian doctor wintness and witnesess of residents of Adyar (whom see her probably everyday) and all other wintnesses around the world. And all they speak different langague. Let´s us see whose
prove will be the right one. *

*I have heard that John will not do the campain during the presidential election.* That´s why he is not replying to those emails and so on sent forexample by Mr. Pedro Oliveira. Maybe the silence of John in general meeting was a supporting kind of silence for Radha, as her health has not been the best within last few years. And I belive that John was very optimistic and very positive what comes to his message about Radha´s health, which Ramadoss sent here some time back. Some people who were present in general council meeting 2006 and 2007 did not see things like that. Health in the age of our president can be pretty fragile and change very quickly. In 2006, general council meeting took so long, because of Radha´s slow speaking that they had to continue meeting on the next day. I was told, that this was not normal at all.

*As we are living in the internet communication age, why cannot they arrange some kind of online gallup/debate of candidates of presidential election in the net? *Even other happenings could be arrange at times. If it is true as Ramadoss has written earlier here that one can get information from the net regarding the value of your house, amount of the members of your family etc. etc. Why it is so difficult to have such an information about our president´s health. Which of the proof do you belive? Indian doctor´s report or
eye witnesses of president of USA or residents of Adyar and so many other?

*I am told that Mrs. Radha Burnier´s health has gone so bad just now that international secretary Ms. Mary Andersson has nominated Dr. John Algeo to do the president´s job at least for now. *Just a gossip? I belive that these kind of information should be immediately sent to all members by email in the critical situation like this.

*Also I think that international rules should claim a doctor report of the every candidate´s health official way and prove it in the beggining of the election and still some public online talks in the net and so on should be arranged.* That´s what the presidents have to do in my homecountry, why not in the TS? As one former president of ours was kept in his job till his last day and his health was said to be good though it was totally opposite. Often that is even a bad thing for his reputation to serve the country untill bad times and show up publicly in the bad state of health.

One bad error was in the Radha´s email, which you have seen here. How can she say that some general secretaries represents so and so many mambers. Is she sure that all members in that country that general secretary is standing for will vote just like
general secretary has voted?

I know anyone can disagree or agree and even justify one´s oppnion about what I have written here.

*I wish all the best health and good spirit for everyone of you and for both of the candidates of presidential election of TS 2008!*


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