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Re: Theos-World T. S. President's Election - 2008

Apr 26, 2008 03:01 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Jayananda Hiranandani, you have raised some questions, which I try to answer 
hereunder from my point of view:

>Firstly, some people have stated the need for the young . Let us examine 
>this from the standpoint of theosophical concepts. What is meant by young? 
>Is young a good criterion for us to benefit from the ocean of wisdom?

Yes, of course, if you understand wisdom from the point of view of pukka 
theosophy. Purucker's only hope for the rescue of the nealry dead 
Theosophical Movement (which is mental, morally and spiritually always dead) 
was the youth, as he always expressed, and not aged people.

In pseudo-theosophy, which stick on forms, authorities and second-hand 
salvation, they opt for aged people, because they are mre easier to control 
within non-spiritual bondaries.

>Many of us, at least I, determine young by the chronological age in this 
>incarnation. Whereas, the evolutionary stage of a soul can be determined by 
>not the physical age in this incarnation, but by a study of past 
>incarnations through occult investigations of akashic records .

Foolish poppycock. As if Burnier or Algeo can read the Akasha records. They 
can not even read physical books, according to their low understanding of 
basic theosophical concepts.

>I wish to ask those who want young leadership to state whether they are 
>doing it on basis of occult investigations or not. If they are doing on the 
>basis of occult investigations, then congratulations to them, not only from 
>the theosophical world but other similar types of interested people. They, 
>these occult investigators, can do a lot of good and our third object will 
>indeed serve the humanity and the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms.

Again foolish poppycock, if not black magic and disinformation of innocent 
theosophists and the public in general.
The Third object does not support occult investigations, at least not in the 
twisted sense Besant and Leadbeater gave them with the talmudic-jesuitical 
rhetoric and word-play and cant.

>For all the three groups of functions, Dr. Radha Burnier has not only her 
>experience as the President, not only her experience as the General 
>Secretary of the Indian Section, but also the experience inherited from her 
>father. Her father started his T. S. work under Dr. Besant. He was Dr. 
>Arundale's Vice President. Earlier he was, if my information is correct, 
>the Treasurer and the Recording Secretary (now re-designated as 
>International Secretary). He worked very closely with Mr. Jinarajadasa. 
>This has placed at Dr. Burnier's disposal not only her experience as the T. 
>S. President, but also of the earlier Presidents right back to Dr. Besant.

As if heritage, caste, sex, race or staged reputation whatever maya can play 
the role for a real election.
As if Besant is a shining example of a good PTS, as she became the post in 
1907 against the last will of Olcott in a fake election, as you can read 
from the protest letters around the time and which were printed in The Dawn 
magazine, which is censored until today by the Adyar Vatican.

Boris de Zirkoff, a life-long student and compiler of Blavatsky's life and 
work, wrote in letters to Germany, that in the Adyar TS never ever a real 
election has happened, all the shows they make are staged by foolish 
politicians for even more foolish mass theosophists.

Your superstition in clairvoyance and other lower siddhis will not help your 
soul. It is only the path of HPB and Purucker, which will lead to the light 
of light.



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