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Re: [theos-l] Tone

Apr 24, 2008 07:02 AM
by MKR

Your comments are very welcome and timely. I hope more readers will post
their opinions. More the merrier.

As an individual member, I feel we have been kept in the dark as to what
politiking was going on. First inkling I got about the election issues was
when I got a personal form letter from the President in the USA, like of
which I have never seen in my years of association with theosophy. Also
using the official mailing list for a personal mailing is unheard of.

As they say "Truth with Triumph", let all the facts be placed before the
membership so that they are fully informed and vote their conscience.

When electioneering and propaganda is made on the basis of incorrect and
perhaps false information, we have a right to question the facts. Truth
should speak for itself, without fear or favor and all other formal display
for respectfulness and other considerations should take a back seat. Respect
is earned by actions and cannot be demanded in a free world.

As an additional issue, for years theosophical maillists have been active.
These were setup by independent individual theosophists and are not
controlled or censored. We should be thankful to them.

What we have seen is that none of the organizational leaders have ever taken
of these lists to interact with those interested in theosophy. Also we
have not seen any of those active
in the organizations participate in these lists. One wonders if there is an
unwritten rule or fear that prevents
participation, because in the days of old when printed material is the only
way to distribute the
information, organizations were able to control the flow of information, and
today no one is able to
control what goes on in the cyberspace. This is in spite of the
organizations talking about technology
and asking for your money donations for their pet Internet projects.

I believe, now we are facing a critical time for the TS, which if not
handled properly can lead to very
serious long term problems to the TS.

M K Ramadoss
San Antonio Texas USA

PS: I am also posting this msg on theos-talk. If you are not on that list, I
highly recommend it.

On 4/24/08, kenosis_ao <> wrote:
> Sir,
> While I respect that there may or may not be items needed for further
> investigation in the upcoming Election process, I for one would like
> to hear what our President and Vice President have to say on the
> matters raised directly.
> Your own tone is not in keeping with Theosophical principles of
> Brotherhood and actually detracts from the case that you are
> presenting; your tone borders on insult and makes it look as if you
> are not asking for an impartial investigation into your allegations,
> but in fact have an agenda of your own.
> I am a neutral party and unaware of the truth or untruth of your
> allegations, but until they are addressed publically by the parties
> involved, then further allegations appears to be mere muck-raking and
> is unseemly.
> I would ask for you to keep your questions & tone respectful until
> the serious allegations you raise can be addressed by the esteemed
> people they are leveled against.
> If your allegations are later determined to be founded, then we will
> thank you for your diligence. Until that time our principles demand
> that we hear from the parties these allegations concern.
> Truth is the Highest Religion.

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