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Re: Theos-World TS President Elections -- Some Thoughts

Apr 24, 2008 04:20 AM
by Martin

Enter Algeo in the first line>>>> Enter Burnier in the
second line>>>> Click on "VISUALIZAR">>>> Enjoy ;-)

--- wrote:

> A "world wide religious organization led by
> hypocritical leaders who do not practice what they
> preach?"  I thought that was the definition of a
> religious organization!
> Actually, let us be honest, the Adyar TS is a world
> wide organization of spiritual anarchists to whom
> leaders are pretty much irrelevant except for making
> sure the HQ grounds are kept up.  In fact, I
> remember years ago, writing a congratulatory letter
> to John reminding him that the only real job the TSA
> president had that mattered was making sure that the
> Olcott lawn was mowed.  When I went out to Olcott
> after he took office, he greeted me laughing and
> told me that he wanted to mow the lawn but Adele
> would not let him.  For all his many faults, John
> Algeo does have one thing that Radha never has even
> come close to showing--a sense of humor!
> Chuck the Heretic
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> Sent: Wed, 23 Apr 2008 8:54 pm
> Subject: Theos-World TS President Elections -- Some
> Thoughts
> Everyone in the TS knows its Motto â?? "There is No
> Religion Higher Than
> ruth".
> When members were told by the leaders that Radha
> Burnier's mental and
> hysical health were such that she will not be able
> to effectively function
> s the President, they knew it was false or should
> have known to be false.
> hen the recently, two doctors who examined her
> certified her to be fit, any
> oubts should have been put to rest.
> Justice requires all those who put out such false
> information meant to
> islead gullible and uninformed members to vote for
> John Algeo, should
> ecant their earlier opinion â?? after all it was
> their opinion and as none is
>  physician who has examined her personally.
> All these members involved in the nomination
> activities are supposed to be
> ong-term members dedicated to the principles and
> practice of Theosophical
> rinciples. When you google about theosophy and
> hypocrisy and injustice, you
> ill find the following from HPB:
> "Above all, the duty of every member is to fight
> against cant, hypocrisy,
> nd injustice in every shapeâ?¦
> A derogatory or slanderous statement made against a
> fellow theosophist in
> he presence of a member, shall not be permitted by
> him to pass without
> rotest, unless he knows it is true, in which case he
> should remain silent."
> When putting these two side by side, any
> rookie/novice member who has been
> eading what has been going on will wonder if TS is
> another world wide
> eligious organization led by hypocritical leaders
> who do not practice what
> hey preach. They seem to behave like ordinary men
> and women who say they
> elieve one thing and do something entirely
> different.
> The membership of TS as a percentage of world
> population has been going
> own. In this Internet age, when prospective members
> see what we preach and
> hat we practice, it is going to have almost fatal
> influence. Is this what
> e members and leaders want?
> I just wanted to share some of my thoughts since I
> think what is going on is
> oing to negatively affect the organization for years
> to come, unless we
> uickly set things right and demonstrate we practice
> what we preach.It is
> hat simple.
> mkr
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