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Re: Theos-World TS President Elections -- Some Thoughts

Apr 23, 2008 09:51 PM
by Drpsionic

A "world wide religious organization led by hypocritical leaders who do not practice what they preach?"  I thought that was the definition of a religious organization!

Actually, let us be honest, the Adyar TS is a world wide organization of spiritual anarchists to whom leaders are pretty much irrelevant except for making sure the HQ grounds are kept up.  In fact, I remember years ago, writing a congratulatory letter to John reminding him that the only real job the TSA president had that mattered was making sure that the Olcott lawn was mowed.  When I went out to Olcott after he took office, he greeted me laughing and told me that he wanted to mow the lawn but Adele would not let him.  For all his many faults, John Algeo does have one thing that Radha never has even come close to showing--a sense of humor!

Chuck the Heretic 

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Subject: Theos-World TS President Elections -- Some Thoughts

Everyone in the TS knows its Motto – "There is No Religion Higher Than
When members were told by the leaders that Radha Burnier's mental and
hysical health were such that she will not be able to effectively function
s the President, they knew it was false or should have known to be false.
hen the recently, two doctors who examined her certified her to be fit, any
oubts should have been put to rest.
Justice requires all those who put out such false information meant to
islead gullible and uninformed members to vote for John Algeo, should
ecant their earlier opinion – after all it was their opinion and as none is
 physician who has examined her personally.
All these members involved in the nomination activities are supposed to be
ong-term members dedicated to the principles and practice of Theosophical
rinciples. When you google about theosophy and hypocrisy and injustice, you
ill find the following from HPB:
"Above all, the duty of every member is to fight against cant, hypocrisy,
nd injustice in every shape…
A derogatory or slanderous statement made against a fellow theosophist in
he presence of a member, shall not be permitted by him to pass without
rotest, unless he knows it is true, in which case he should remain silent."
When putting these two side by side, any rookie/novice member who has been
eading what has been going on will wonder if TS is another world wide
eligious organization led by hypocritical leaders who do not practice what
hey preach. They seem to behave like ordinary men and women who say they
elieve one thing and do something entirely different.
The membership of TS as a percentage of world population has been going
own. In this Internet age, when prospective members see what we preach and
hat we practice, it is going to have almost fatal influence. Is this what
e members and leaders want?
I just wanted to share some of my thoughts since I think what is going on is
oing to negatively affect the organization for years to come, unless we
uickly set things right and demonstrate we practice what we preach.It is
hat simple.

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