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Re: Theos-World Propaganda of Presidential Election?

Apr 15, 2008 00:25 AM
by Augoeides-222

   Well the current news from Nepal is that the Maoists have won what they murdered 13,000 people over. They will control Nepal, trash the Monarchy there, rewrite it's Constitution, reform along Maoists visions, subject 28.3 million more to Communism to the delight of the creeping Totalitarian Socialist Marxist Communists of China another border will soon disappear like Tibet's did. There is no Tibet on Google Earth or current commercial Maps!


China's Nuclear Forces continue to grow


Every square mile they take from the Free World dooms the people who lived there and enlarges the Strategic holding of Chinese Atheist Regime. They also claim the Spratley Islands of the So. China Sea parallel to the Philippines who dispute their claim. And also the Paracel Islands which they have fortified Militarily extending their reach far beyond their shores. They also strongly claim Taiwan and the decolonization under the UN Mandate Against Neocolonilism released Macao, Hong Kong and other from Free Democratic Colonial Protection only to eternally doom their peoples   to the Iron Hand of Communist China. China is very active Globally they have possession of both ends of the Panama Canal Commercially. They are Major players and have considerable Holdings in the Bahamas, the list is too long for this Forum. Nero plays his fiddle today he never died!

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From: "Frank Reitemeyer" <> 
I'm sorry, I have not Radha's private email address (does she really have

Senile topic:
Algeo claimed in Germany - among other strange things and twinstings - that
Leadbeater was on the Mars-Mercury topic a more faithful co-worker to the
Masters as HPB was.
Leadbeater better informed than HPB!!!

On another occassion Algeo lectured in Germany, that theosophy is eternal
and can never be destroyed!!
The cant majority among the members of the TS heard it well - no need for
libraries since 1945, throw it all away, or in best case, make dollarsophia
with the old, private collections and sell them to second-hand book dealers.

One day I ask the "librarian" of the German Adyar section (yes, they name it
that way, even Bernhard Shaw would have not idea of such cant) about the
German edition of Virginia Hanson's Karma book, which was published by
respactable publisher. No need to have a copy of that book. Why study books?
Theosophy is spiritual! Furthermore all is written in the akasha records!

Such a mental terror as the existing theosophical groups with the fanatical,
infantile and hysterical crying women and their direct active fight against
anything spiritual, combined with their anglophile love for British cant,
hypocrisy, political intrigues under a religios mask ("when Germany finally
is destroyed, the world is saved") with thought police, discussion
prohibited, has its parallel with the rapid growing communist movement.

As a Berliner I studying every day the communistic news. They also said 
that no
discussion was necessary, because all people have one and the same opinion
of the workers government, because the workers government and the workers
are one and the same.

In other words, with such leaders in the maya world we need not fear any

Or can it be, that....


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From: MKR
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Sent: Tuesday, April 15, 2008 5:46 AM
Subject: Re: Theos-World Propaganda of Presidential Election?

In the USA, I saw a letter sent to all members which suggests that Radha
Burnier has memory problems (becoming senile?). Here is what it says:

"Radha seems to be recovering physically from the stroke she suffered over a
year ago, but, given her age, she still has periods of low energy and* her
memory is inconsistent*. While I have deep respect for the wonderful service
she has given to the Society and feel that she can continue to be useful as
a wise elder, it is for the good of the whole that the leadership pass
smoothly to John Algeo, who currently serves as the international vice

John Algeo has the experience and capabilities to pick up the reins for the
best transition and movement of the Society into the future."

I will not be in the least surprised if the above was drafted using Algeo's
skills as an english professor. You be the judge.

I wish Radha Burnier sees the whole letter. If anyone has her personal
e-mail address, please send it to me off-line and I can email it to her.


PS: The bold print above is mine.
On 4/9/08, Jokela Petri <> wrote:
> Check the propaganda of presidential election and politics of
> Singaporean lodge
> on their website. I have nothing againts Radha or John, but I belive
> this is againts the international rules of TS. Though I am not sure.
> Read the title "Presidential Election" right after Radha´s article...

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