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Re: [Mind and Brain] Aether is the empty space on which the Universe sits

Apr 15, 2008 00:02 AM
by Leon Maurer

On Apr 3, 2008, at 4/3/089:41 PM, (Richard Ruguist,  
PhD) wrote:

> Leon,
> For having read most of your posts on several forums plus our  
> personal correspondence
> over several years, I am surprised that I was not aware of your  
> metric and non-metric
> space concept. Two other investigations are coming to similar  
> conclusions.

LM:  If you study my previous outlines of the ABC model, you'll see  
that I've always claimed that;

(1)   The "spinergy" (angular spin momentum) of the *ubiquitous*  
'singularity' (of GRT) is the fundamental non linear (abstract)  
motional nature of "primal" or Absolute SPACE (Einstein's Aether or  
'total space') -- that is the noumenal cause of all fractal involved  
linear spacetime gravity fields, which in turn -- after symmetry  
breaking at the lowest order frequency energy phase level of the  
metric physical spacetime -- generates and empowers (through  
intermediate ZPF or 'quantum foam') all mass-energy particles and  
their radiant energy fields.

(2)  Potential consciousness (awareness, will, qualia, etc,) is a  
fundamental quality of the pure *non metric* aether, located  
ubiquitously at the the absolute zero-point center of the "spinergy"  
origin of every energy field and mass-energy form in *metric* spacetime.

(3)  All radiant fields, beginning with the gravity fields, are  
electrodynamic, carry experiential and constructive information as  
holographic wave interference patterns on their surfaces, and are  
subject to phase conjugate adaptive resonance processes in the  
transmission of such information from one field to another, and  
directly to each non local center of consciousness (pure awareness,  
will, etc.).

(4)  In all sentient beings, such field centers of consciousness,  
located in every cell of the body, are *entangled* with the  
individual global (self) consciousness, located in the naval center  
of origin of the highest frequency phase order monadic (triune)  
hyperspace field that surrounds all localized fractal involved body  
cell and organ fields -- also in hyperspace... And;

(5)  All such Higher order hyperspace fields -- that constitute the  
different levels of mind and memory, as holographic information  
carrying, storing and transmission media between consciousness and  
the localized brain, body and sensory systems -- are independent of  
each other, but interconnected, collectively, with the brain-body's  
electrochemical processes and their EM fields by means of phase  
conjugate adaptive resonance processes.
> The first I would like to mention is the work of Hu and Wu, who are  
> arriving at similar
> concepts based on earlier experiments they performed regarding  
> entanglement.
> In mentioning their work, the following quote is instructive:
> "We have proposed in a previous paper that: (1) gravity originates  
> from the primordial
> spin processes in non-spatial and non-temporal pre-spacetime  
> (nonlocal domain) and is the
> macroscopic manifestation of quantum entanglement; and (2) thus,  
> gravity is nonlocal and
> instantaneous which implies that all matters in the universe are  
> instantaneously
> interconnected and many anomalous effects in astronomy such as dark  
> matter, dark matter,
> red shift and Pioneer effect may be resolved from this perspective  
> (Hu & Wu, 2007b)."
> This quote sounds quite like your concept of spinergy

LM: Not surprising.  But, I'm happy to see that some scientists are  
beginning arrive at it from (and trying to verify it by) an  
experimental approach.  Hu and Wu seem to be on the right track...  
But their work, if conjoined with my fractal geometric hyperspace  
mind and memory fields, as holographic information storage and  
transmission media, may need the kind of higher dimensional  
superstring physics and mathematics that you might be able to provide.
> The second line of investigation is by Father Jerome
> His approach is similar to your insight/intuition method but  
> instead relies on revelation.
> Still he arrives at an even closer concepts of metric and non- 
> metric space to yours than Hu&Wu,
> but couched in different terminology. He refers to the metric  
> spacetime as the corporeal dimension
> and to the non-metric pre-spacetime as the incorporeal dimension.  
> His meaning for dimension differs
> from the usual. But then it, the incorporeal, is not exactly a  
> spacetime. A new word is required.
> Anyway, his incorporeal dimension is characterized by a seeming BEC  
> of incorporeal axions,
> which are not the axions postulated by Helen Quinn to solve the  
> parity problem. I think they may be
> the closed-strings of 26d string theory. But Father Jerome seems to  
> disagree.

LM: Actually, my insight/intuition was actually triggered into the  
ABC theory about 35 years ago by the nuclear physicist/engineer, and  
one of the "Fat Man" A-bomb trigger designers, Dr. P.S.Perchion (a  
colleague of Bethe and Oppenheimer) who helped me understand the  
connection between relativity and quantum physics from Bohm's,  
Pauli's and Shrödinger's points of view, with a touch of Dirac.   
(Luckily, both of us being also, engineers, he could explain it all  
in word-images and energy field diagrams rather than equations. ;-)

However, the spherical fractal geometry of the hyperspace  
gravitational fields emanating from fundamental spin momentum came  
long before that, and was based solely on my direct intuition based  
on Einstein's relativity -- which had stuck in my mind since I first  
read his papers and lectures in my teens while staring at and  
exploring the spiral vortex geometry of my fathers library wallpaper  
(designed after some spiral-vortical water flow drawings of Da  
Vinci).  It was very easy to visualize that fractal involved  
spherical image of the fundamental spacetime continuum when I started  
considering the possible Mobius-Klein geometry of Bohm's "implicate  
order" linked to Einstein's explanation of the fundamental physical  
yet immaterial and non metric unified nature of the aether.  This  
aether, BTW, corresponds with my 'absolute' or 'primal' space, and  
does coincide somewhat with Father Jerome's incorporeal BEC axions.   
Actually, however, I think that the 'axions' actually are the  
ubiquitous, physical yet incorporeal ZPE or 'spinergy' sources of the  
ZPF's (quantum foam) in the planck vacuum, that generates and  
empowers all the fundamental 'quantum particles,' 'closed strings,'  
'standing waves,' or what have you -- of "ponderable  
matter" (Einstein's words).
> As you and Hu&Wu also say, his incorporeality has no dimensions  
> (your terminology)
> and all incorporeality is instantly connected. However, I believe  
> that Father Jerome
> would consider gravity as corporeal contrary to Hu&Wu.
> I am not sure where you, Leon, would place gravity. As you may  
> realize,
> my views are based on Izthak Bars' Two-Time physics
> which implies for me that our universe is embedded in a larger 4d  
> spacetime
> that carries the force of gravity, but not the gauge forces. If  
> Hu&Wu are correct,
> the larger spacetime needs BEC properties for gravity to be  
> nonlocal & instantaneous.

I think that Father Jerome might be somewhat confused about the  
attributions of "corporeal" and "incorporeal" with respect to  
gravity.  However, since I consider overall spacetime -- in all its  
non metric metaphysical (spiritual-mental-astral) hyperspace and  
metric (physical) spacetime permutations -- as gravity fields... And  
since only a small part of it all pertains to the space of light  
matter-energy... I consider gravity as being both corporeal and non  
corporeal.  For example the incorporeal part is expanding the Planck  
vacuum space which, in turn appears to be pushing apart the adjacent  
corporeal quantum particle space.

In my holographic fractal field model -- with all ubiquitous zero- 
point originating hyperspace and metric space fields being coadunate  
but not consubstantial, as well as resonantly coenergetic -- there's  
no need for them to individually have BEC properties, in order to be  
nonlocal and instantaneous.  The BEC property is reserved solely for  
the aether -- which is a ubiquitous "singularity" that simultaneously  
exists locally and non locally, or both as one and many that can  
never be separated, in essence.  This, of course would account for  
the entanglement of non local conscious experience with  
individualized self reflected consciousness centered within any  
sentient being, as well as the entanglement between split particles  
or between different parts of an artificial BEC or superfluid... And  
could also explain telepathy, distant vision, foresight, and other  
psi phenomena and parapsychological anomalies.

As you may know, in accord with my topological geometric fractal  
involution model of cosmogenesis, I can only see the light matter and  
two forms of dark matter -- while being equal mass-energy parts of  
the overall metric spacetime continuum -- each spinning on entirely  
different axes of angular momentum, with their vibrational energies  
propagating at right angle planes to each other in total space.**


Therefore, while they jointly contribute to the overall gravitational  
field expansion of the Universe -- they would necessarily be  
chemically and electrodynamically non interactive as well as  
invisible to each other.  Each aspect of matter then, according to  
this model, would appear to have its own independent if not parallel  
involution and evolution.  This is something we can only speculate  
about, however -- since their substantial holographic images, as  
energy fields in various vibrational frequencies and topological  
configurations, could be likened to two different holograms stored in  
a transparent solid medium at different angles of incidence, that  
would require a separate coherent radiation at different angles to  
reconstruct individually.  This is quite possible, when we consider  
that the holographic fractal geometry of the ABC model indicates that  
the universe constructs itself, involutionally and evolutionally, in  
accord with (and can be understood by) analogy and correspondence --  
based on information stored as modulated wave interference patterns  
on electrodynamic field surfaces.  Conventional physical science, on  
the other hand, cannot prove or disprove these aspects of existence  
-- since it can only deal with observables on its own  plane, angle,  
dimension, surface, or other *metric* (corporeal, ponderable, etc.)  
state of physical existence.

I would hope that we might be able to consolidate all these models in  
one overall master unified field theory, under an entirely new  
scientific paradigm, that could, once and for all, solve all the hard  
problems, and explain all the paradoxes and anomalies of conventional  
reductive material science.  There has to be a correct UFTOE that  
ultimately closes the explanatory gap between relativity and quantum  
physics.  That QR theory could very well be based on the ABC fractal  
radiative field model of cosmogenesis.

Since it's way too late for me to get a PhD in physics... All I can  
do now is wait and see when you, or some other accredited physicist 
(s) can cook up some appropriate mathematics and get published in a  
major physics journal; a peer reviewed paper covering such an  
entirely scientifically reasonable, unified field theory of  
everything -- followed by, or based on some corroborative  
experimental proof (that might win a Nobel prize. :-)  I hope I have  
enough years left to see it happen in my lifetime.

Best wishes,

Leon Maurer

> yanniru

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> Apparently, there is a misunderstanding of the difference between non
> metric (ZPE) "empty space" and metric (ZPF) "spacetime".
> Spaceships (and any other ponderable material forms) can only move
> through metric spacetime. Yet zero-point empty space or aether is
> real *substance* (which spacetime and all its material permutations
> could not exist without) that has no measurable dimensions.
> Unfortunately, meta theoreticians that base everything on the
> material neurology and its metrics (along with other materialists and
> quantum theorists) -- cannot see the forest for the trees. ;-

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