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Re: Theos-World Re: The US Constitution - A Midsummer Nights Dream

Apr 14, 2008 11:05 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

>Its even less of the right thing to be doing today in a world that is
imbued with human rights, a movement that HPB played a big role in
starting and the USA of today represents.

Bernhard Shaw mocked about the Statue of Liberty, that even he, who was 
skilled about cant, had never such an idea.

You in the USA were never free and - according to all probabilities - will 
never be free.

You are behind the curtain under foreign rule.

The reason for your low education - adults in the US have an intellect of 
European school boys, although we here face since 1945 the US foreign rule 
with descend of intellect and moral with every decade - is, that you must 
not develop enough mental power to get conscious of your slave situation.

You have a two party dictature, where one and the same foreign rule behind 
the curtain pulls the strings of both sides.

It does not matter, if you vote or what you vote or which actor plays the 
role of exoteric US President or which party has the majority.

The foreign rule presents to you their actors and they rule you in either 
case. The constitution is toilet paper and has no worth.

The USA is a quasi communistic state, if we can use in that case the term 
(in HPB's sense) "state" for the robbery and terror structure, which since 
200 years brings (together with the other rogue England) enslavement, mental 
and physical terror to millions of innocent people all over the globe.

The US military stands now in 120 nations of the world to suppress their 
human rights, the nations rights for their svabhavas.

A human life counts nothing for the rogues, which rule the USA.

They people in the USA not enough to eat, the have no or insufficent health 
care, no or insufficent pensions, they have no free press, they can take 
them their homes away and they are hire and fire slaves on the job market 
with maximal exploitation.

Democracy is staged with fake elections and dummy choices. You should study 
Purucker on it.

I feel compassion with you, because I see very well (Germany, Europe, EU and 
Nato being un-democratically under US foreign rule) what it means to have 
raised under such mental terror and brainwashing ("you are free - just 
believe it") in USA in schools, education, tv, press without the chance to 
have break out. Comparison and analysis is *potentially* easier in Germany, 
where we had several systems in short serial order. OTOH, the average German 
loves alien nations more than his own, while the Anglo-Saxon says: "My home 
is my castle", "Britannia rules the waves", "Amercian way of life" and 
"might for right" - so karma has adjusted the changes in the end.

I am therefore anti-American?

No, I am pro America. Pro America of the founding fathers, not the America 
of FED, WW I, WW II and two hundred unjust US wars of aggression since 1945, 
including inside job 9-11.

So, what are you going to say to China?



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