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2012 Enigma

Apr 03, 2008 05:33 PM
by Cass Silva

Call me naïve, but I think there is something in what this person has to say.  The video is long, 2 hours, and may bleed a little at the end, but basically it covers.
  The first 30 minutes:-
  Our chakras as a means to raising consciousness without meditation.  Process involves collapsing the chakras into nested spheres, to what they call Zero Point, the centre being the wormgate to other dimensions.
  The physical component we use is the pineal gland.
  Connections between the Vatican ? Egypt ? multiduous symbols of Pine Cones (which represent the pineal gland ? as this is what the pineal gland looks like.  Also Dionysus, Buddha, Shiva are all depicted with pine cone.  The staff of the Pope has a pine cone. King Tut shown with a pine cone suggesting that knowledge of the pineal (symbolically represented as a pinecone) is the knowledge of higher forces.
  Very interesting segment on the real history of the USA and how it is controlled by the British through the Illuminati.
  Second 30 minutes (for memory)
  Sci Fi fans will love this ? Montauk chair and how the Fibonnaci sequence of 13 comes into effect 21/12/2012 ? to do with the pulse of the earth (and subsequently ours) vibrating from 7.5 in 1986 to the predicted 13 in 2012, which can cause changes to our DNA.
  Third 30 minutes
  Discusses Codex Alimentarius and how it is the strategic plan of the Illuminati to dessimate the population from 6 billion to 500 million through bovine growth hormanes, fluoridation, and anti-biotics.
  Also discusses Agenda 21 Protocol
  I would be interested in getting some feedback if anyone is interested in doing so.  Also I am not convinced about alien co-operation with earthlings here, but the rest of what David Willcox said has much food for thought in it.

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