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Re: Theos-World Re: Music, the language of the Soul

Apr 01, 2008 00:15 AM
by Antonio/Tony None

Yes, absoloutly.

Martin <> wrote:                             Yes will link you to it when its readx. My friend is
 jewish btw and he respects the work of the others. So
 only if they agree I will give it free...:-)
 --- Antonio/Tony None <>
 > Any chance of a listen? I am working with a lot of
 > arabic sounds at the minute. Would be interesting to
 > hear what its all about!
 > Cheers.
 > Martin <> wrote:                
 >             I just got this email from a friend,
 > which proves to me, music has no 
 >  prejudice :-)
 >  Hello friends,
 >  As you know I live in Israel,  the 2 weeks I'm
 > Mixing here (here 
 >  means at my studio)
 >  a new disk for an Arab Palestinian,  a great guy, 
 > and a very good 
 >  musician !!
 >  Most of the music was recorded in Amman (Jordan) 
 > some of the 
 >  musician playing there
 >  were brought specaially from Egyps (as they are
 > playing authentic 
 >  rare arab instruments)
 >  some tracks recorded in Nazareth,  no one of the
 > musicians (exept of 
 >  the guy I'm working with)
 >  knows a thing about the other musicians - and of
 > caurse how the music 
 >  will come out - as each Musician was playing only
 > with 1 instrument 
 >  prerecorded as a guide line..
 >  I must say it's very special, all the
 > situation,from all 
 >  aspects.....  and so is the music !!!!
 > ---------------------------------
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