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Re: Fwd: The Futures - FYI

Oct 24, 2007 12:12 PM
by Anton Rozman


Thank you and Vonda for Judge's thoughts. A theosophical friend used 
to say that living in a theosophical way is to be attentive to find 
oneself with the "hands in a sack". And mirrors are useful for that 
purpose too.

Warmest regards to both of you,

--- In, MarieMAJ41@... wrote:
> Greetings friends. I am forwarding a message from Vonda Urban in 
Chicago. Thought some of you would appreciate this.
> Marie
> This paper by Mr. Judge is a favorite teaching of Vonda Urban.  
Vonda worked with Boris de Zirkhoff on researching the Collected 
Works of HPB.  She will turn 89 on December 8th and is the most 
active and beloved teacher of theosophy in Chicago.  She asks us to 
reflect deeply on our lives through the lens of this paper.

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