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More about "The Platonist" -

Oct 22, 2007 10:34 AM
by Sveinn Freyr

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The text herewith is from:
April 1888 - Page 178

The text in inverted commas is written by H. Olcott


?In the course of my psychical researches I was once so fortunate as
to be for a short time in literary collaboration with a noble English
scholar who died several generations ago. He worked in a vast
subjective library in ?his castle in Spain,? without a thought of
rising higher towards Samadhi, but with all his vast intellectual
power bent upon the pursuit of the philosophical study to which his
earth-life had been devoted. . . .?

This interesting statement has reference to the English Platonist
Henry More (1614-1687), whose collaboration in the production of Isis
Unveiled is fully described by Col. Olcott in his Old Diary Leaves,
Vol. I, chap. xv. In the same work, chapters xviii, xix and xx,
contain a considerable amount of interesting data concerning Rev. Wm.
Stainton Moses or Moseyn, and the earnest student would do well to
peruse them with close attention.?

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