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Re: Theos-World Re: Appolonius of Tyanna

Oct 14, 2007 12:30 PM
by Raquel Rodríguez

Thanks John for sharing the beautiful picture and dreams.
  1970, I was not yet born, but is it not from this time this song from the Incredible Strings Band that says:
  " may the long time sun shine upon you
  all love surround you
  and the pure light within you 
  guide your way home"
  Best regards
  Raquel escribió:
Thanks for your reply and comments. I'd like to tell you a little background on Health Research Books. In the 1970's when I began the active Quest I used to buy books from a wonderful new age book store named "The Bodhi Tree" in LA, California. many of these books were spiral bound paperback editions that the Bodhi Tree Purchased from Health Research which was then located in a small community in California name Mokelumne Hill. I purchased many many of their rare republished books which it seemed they were the solitary resource that had what my "Red Thread" told me to find topically on my time-line of my personal Quest. After two years or so I intensely pondered who this resource was and the owner of the Bodhi Tree told me that these works were the product of a very special Man who was well educated and a virtual recluse. I once had a dream in LA about Health Research and saw a residentle Home all in Green well set back from a quaint medium high perimeter fence with high
lining the ground with flowers. Years later when i moved from LA I was less than 50 miles from where Health Research was located and I decided to drive there and see if I could some how meet Dr. Hilton Hotema the owner of Health Research then. When I got to the town I inquired at a few of the eating establishments asking about this person and where I could find him. They were happy to give directions to the location but they alsaidad he is a recluse and is seldom seen. I went to the location and to my amazed eyes there was the Green Home with fence and the bushes and flowers just like I saw in my dream years before in LA! I never saw one persooutsidede of the premises there and the dogs constantly barked at me so I was timid in enter and didn't. Later he must have retired from his Special Life Purpose as I found the ownership was transferred to now owners who have continuehis workrk. If you search health Research for Hilton Hotema you caperusese his Personal Works they also
ilablele there. I might add for your interests in the "Categories" Tab on their site try "Esoteric" and Symbolic. Health Research preceeded Kessinger by some considerable years, i am most grateful they were there and still are.

Best Regards,

From: "raquel_rpj" 

Dear John, 
Thank you again, this editions look far more better, I´ve already
checked I can have it shipped on my country. Sometimes the editions 
Amazon are really terrible. I committed the mistake not to check the
editions on the other books I´ve ordered. The Mathematics of the 
Mind which I bought second hand appear to be luckily a gorgeous 
Loma Publication from 1982. The drownings are hand made with ink 
and you can clearly see the hand imprint, as ones imagines Mr 
sitting at his desk with all his drawing tools. It was in perfect
condition, although the corners bended by bunging on the long 
travel. But the
Secret Doctrine Volume III, from Kessinger Publishing´s, a yellow
press newspaper would be better printed, I returned the book as 
soon as I
got it out of the box. I have to say the return policies are very
trustful on this site.
I don´t think anyone on this page would be so clumsy as I am, but
just in case, ¡ Never buy Kessinger Publishing´s editions !
Although I have downloaded lots of books I´ve realized I can not 
such subjects on the computer, too electric, the computer and me. I
rather collect them slowly by buying them. I feel like a kid with 
shoes having all this wonderful material waiting for me to be 
This winter promises like a fruitful one.
I´ll let you know. 

Might all beings be Happy

All Love


--- In, Augoeides-222@... wrote:
> Racquel,
> Thanks for the links, I see you found the Apollonius I 
referenced to you. I have for many years almost every work Mead 
wrote. Dr. Stephan Hoeller many years ago Founded the Gnostic 
Society and It's Church in LA, I used to attend to the very small 
location had then, I was so very much moved by the lecture of Bishop 
Rosa Miller who spoke truth as a real Gnostic who has directly 
experienced. One thing I did note in the Mead Collection is 
the "Orpheus" by Mead was not including the subtitle "Fisher of 
Souls" which was on the earliest edition of that work. There is the 
ancient motif of the "Fisher King."
> Health Research Books has 9 works by G.R.S. Mead currently, here 
is the URL:
> Hope you will read and compare, enjoy,
> John
> -------------- Original message -------------- 
> From: Raquel Rodríguez 
> Hello John
> Good morning from here. Thankyou for the information. I found a 
good edition at Amazon. I leave the link here if anyone is 
> Apollonius of Tyana. The Philosopher-Reformer of the First Century 
> The other book Did Jesus Live 100 B.C.? I could just find it from 
the pubhishing house Cosimo Classics.
> I don´t know if this is a good edition. 
> This author has a great amount of publications as I could see in 
Amazon. You can look at. 
> I found a breaf information about the live of this author, 
together with a collection of writtings that can be reed on line at
> G.R.S. Mead Collections
> Love
> Raquel
> Augoeides-222@... escribió:
> Hi Raquel,
> Just thought I could help if I gave the info on the G. R. S. Mead 
> Apollonius of Tyana ---- The Philosopher-Reformer of the First 
Century A.D.
> by G. R. S. Mead
> Foreword by Leslie Shepard
> Copyright 1966 University Books Inc.
> Library of Congress Number 66-13384
> Another relevant Book by Mead in terms of this topic is:
> Did Jesus Live 100 B.C.?
> An Enquiry Into The Talmud Jesus Stories, The Toldoth 
> toldoth Jeschu, And Some Curious Statements of Epiphanius----Being 
A Contribution To The Study Of Christian Origins. 
> By G. R. S. Mead B.A., M.R.A.S. 1903, 440 Pages 
> Theosophical Publishing House 
> (This is Re-published by :
> Health Research
> P.O. Box 8Pomeroy> 
> Pomerot, Wash. 99347
> Ph: (509) 843-2385
> Online:
> Enjoy,
> John
> -------------- Original message -------------- 
> From: Raquel Rodríguez 
> Hello Todd
> Here an aprendix of student, I would like to receive this article 
as it is the first new I have heard upon the subject and sounds 
really interesting.
> Thankyou
> Best Regards
> Raquel
> Alaya escribió:
> The best information an Appolonius is still G.R.S.Mead's book
> He was born in the year 4 d.C, (and paulus was born in the year 6) 
> if this you are saying is true, jesus would have had lived much 
> that - wich isn't impossible since the dates are all messed up.
> another thing: jesus didn't lived only 33 years. We have 
> from Irineu himself (one of the 'founders' of the chatolic church)
> that jesus lived almost till 50.
> If he started to teach when he was 30 - following the rule of the
> essenes - he couldn't possibly have reached all those people and
> become wordly known in only three years. information would take 
> to get to people, they didn't have the internet.
> --- In, Todd Lorentz wrote:
> >
> > 
> > Hi Nancy,
> > 
> > At 07:16 AM 17/10/2000 -0500, you wrote:
> > >Where can one find information concerning 
> > >Appolonius of Tyanna ? Nancy
> > 
> > First, here is a quote from Share International Magazine 
regarding the
> > reincarnation of Appolonius:
> > 
> > "Jesus was not born in the year 0 but in the year 24 BC. He was
> crucified 33
> > years later, that is in the year 9 AD. The discrepancy between 
> > information (from Creme's Master) and accepted tradition can be
> explained
> > by the fact that it took the Christians a few hundred years to 
> > powerful enough to introduce another calendar. By that time it 
> become
> > impossible to calculate the years exactly. Seven years after his
> death, in the
> > year 16 AD, Jesus reincarnated as Appolonius of Tyana."(Share
> > International, Jan. '84)
> > 
> > There was also an article published on "Appolonius of Tyana" in 
> > International Magazine (I don't have the date off-hand but can 
> it down
> > if anyone would like it). The article is about 2600 words so too
> long for
> > this format but I will send it to you privately, Nancy. If anyone
> else is
> > interested in it let me know and I will send it to you. It is 
> > interesting.
> > 
> > Love and Light,
> > Todd
> > ______________________
> > *Apollonius of Tyana*
> > by Bette Stockbauer
> > 
> > A report on the life of the man thought to be the reincarnation 
> Jesus.
> > (Word Count = 2635)
> > ______________________
> >
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