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The Platonist -

Oct 13, 2007 08:14 AM
by Sveinn Freyr

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Fragments from Old Diary Leaves Vol I,

~ S. F.

And yet, despite the above, I was made to believe that we worked in
collaboration with at least one disincarnate entity ­- the pure soul
of one of the wisest philosophers of modern times, one who was an
ornament to our race, a glory to his country. He was a great
Platonist, ... I was told that he was so pure and so unselfish that
all the Masters held him in profound respect, ...

Meanwhile there he was, willing and eager to work with H. P. B. on
this epoch-making book, towards the philosophical portion of which he
contributed much. He did not materialise and sit with us, nor obsess
H. P. B., medium-fashion; he would simply talk with her psychically,
by the hour together, dictating copy, telling her what references to
hunt up, answering my questions about details, instructing me as to
principles, and, in fact, playing the part of a third person in our
literary symposium. ...

H.P.B. served the Platonist in the most matter - of - fact way as
amanuensis, their relation differing in nothing from that of any
Private Secretary with his employer, save that the latter was
invisible to me but visible to her, it does look more as if we were
dealing with a living than with a disincarnate person.

This is exactly what happened between her and the old Platonist, but
he was not her ?Master,? nor could she have met him on her travels on
this physical plane, since he died before she was born this time. Then
arises the question whether the Platonist was really a spirit
disincarnate, or an Adept who had lived in that philosopher?s body and
seemed to, but really did not, die out of it on September 1, 1687. ...

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